Insane Roommate Strikes Again


Okies so if you missed the first post I made just two short days ago, you’ll need to catch up. You can do that by clicking these pink words. It will open a new tab and then you can just come right back and read this.

For those of you all caught up – he’s at it AGAIN!

So my roommate has always been particular. I say always as if I’ve known him forever, but really I only moved in on July 27th. So it’s been 2.5 months. When I moved in he was basically like “this is what I’ve found works best for living with people” and I was all “ok, cool, let’s not rock the boat and go with what works” which was fine for the first month because honestly most of the things he brought up were good ideas but then the crazy started to happen. I guess people can only hold in their crazy for so long until it starts to seep out.

So like the first thing as he’s a light sleeper and the people upstairs keep him up and then ALSO apparently I’ve been waking him up too – cos I’ll get up to go to the bathroom at like 2ish or so, and the door sticks in the frame so when I open it, that noise is jarring him out of sleep. But he won’t wear ear plugs OH NO! Because what if there is a fire alarm? He needs his senses. And then I was doing this weird or that weird or whatever. So each time I listen and then kind of be like “yeah ok, sorry” and try to be better. Cos we have to live together for the next year and that totally sucks if one person isn’t up to making a few compromises to make everything work.

In his defense: he’s been great in the mornings. I have to get up and out at a certain time and he is always respectful of not being in the bathroom and stuff when I’m trying to get ready for work. Since he doesn’t have a job right now, that’s easy for him.

But then all this crazy happened – the bathroom door, complaining about everything! Then of course there was last week’s text messages. And then yesterday morning.

So when I go to sleep (earlier than him) I close the door to the kitchen because the light streams under my door. I just need it closed while I fall asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s open that’s cool, it’s just that initial getting to sleep. But apparently if its closed then it tricks the thermostat and it greats really hot in his bedroom. He brought it up yesterday morning. So last night I close the door at 9 because I am CRASHING HARD and I go to bed. 10-minutes later it’s opened again.

I’m already in bed. In my pj’s, wig off, snuggled in. So I get up, throw my wig back on and go and close the door. Since I’m so tired and not wanting to wait for him to come back from wherever he went, I sent him a text, and then went back to bed trying to fall asleep. Read what happened:

So basically it’s whatever he wants or nothing.

This morning I was up at 7 like normal and getting ready for church. He was already up and cooking stuff and he came out of his room and was like “so are we good with the door and stuff” and I’m tired and cranky because of him and I should have taken the time to have a calm conversation with him but at that point I was done. Also had kind of been going over in my mind what I wanted to say to him so it was there and ready to come out.

I told him no. That there was no reason to be so rude with the text and that he could have just said sorry and that I was just saying if the door is closed to keep it closed while I fall asleep so if he’s going out just make sure he closes it behind him as he goes out. Of course I didn’t get all that out because now his voice is like SO LOUD and he’s agitated probably because I actually had something to say instead of just “yeah ok sorry” and he’s pacing all over the kitchen and cutting me off every chance he gets.

I tell him there was no reason for the rude texts he’s been sending and he says well there won’t be any more so that’s not an issue. And that he can help out with quiet from 11pm-6am during the week but that’s it. And 11pm-6am DURING THE WEEK and that’s it – over and over. And he just keeps going and half walks away and I’m like, “Look I’ve listened to what you have to say but can I say something?”

And so he actually stops and I get half my sentence out of “My job is exhausting” and he goes “That’s your problem not mine. I don’t care about your job” and slams his bedroom door. Like I couldn’t even finish my sentence at all to say “if the kitchen door is closed, it means I’m trying to sleep so just keep it closed for a bit and then it’s fine”

So basically, I’m going to spend October on a super tight budget to see exactly how much I have left over with my new salary and I’m reading my lease to see how much notice I need to break it. Because I’m not living with a rude arrogant person like that for the rest of the year, feeling like I have to stay in my room all the time because I don’t want to run into him or talk to him.

35 thoughts on “Insane Roommate Strikes Again

    • Lol I don’t actually fear for my life, the texts just show he’s rude, controlling, inconsiderate and incapable of compromise. I might actually have to stick it out. I really don’t want to move again so soon, and I’d probably have to give three months notice and get a deposit ready for a new place. Kinda think that’s impossible now that I’m thinking of over

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  1. huh, his light sleeping…that’s HIS PROBLEM. He can either use earplugs or not, that’s his prerogative as is whether he sleeps well or not. Not your problem. He needs to fix his own issue including fixing the darn door if it bothers HIM. (HIS PROBLEM) it doesnt take a rocket scientist to fix a sticking door.
    Him getting hot in his room…HIS PROBLEM.
    He doesn’t have a job? Will he have rent and be able to pay for his own cares or needs?
    What a jerk!
    His problem appears to be that he needs a therapist.

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    • I really hope he has to leave because of his lack of job. Like how is he paying for everything? I’d love to know!

      He really is turning into a huge jerk. I’m just going to ignore him and do my thing. If he won’t let me even explain myself then that’s his issue not mine. He totally just shut me down this morning

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      • He has some mental or emotional issues that you can neither fix nor should have to deal with. I suspect this attitude of his is exactly what relieved him of his job. Lol. They didnt want to deal with him either
        Though I do feel it almost appropriate to visit his parents home and give his mom a good thumping for raising such an ass and failing to teach him something as basic as common courtesy. 😁😊💕
        Hugs to you dear girl.

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        • 😂😂 we actually just had like a 40ish min talk – I got home from church and he slipped a paper under my door that was full front and back! And when I got it e was clearly still agitated but after reading it and keeping my own voice to a low level and calm, he finally brought himself down a bit too. So yeah, it’s not as tense and horrible for me as it was an hour ago but still think he’s straight up insane


          • Interesting….slipping a note under the door is nothing like texting? Lol. Where was that face to face business he’s so fond of?
            The point he’s obviously missing is that unless he’s willing to move out, you are both locked into this space together for the next year. Therefore, without having parents there to referee, must behave as adults (not a spoiled, selfish child as he’s apt) and realize the experience is what he’s willing to make it. With common courtesy for each other that’s not one sided as it’s been in his case thus far, can and will create a comfortable, more enjoyable environment. His ass hattery is only serving to ensure that this time is miserable all around.
            Since he’s so big on the face to face thing, perhaps he should work on his communication skills and take into account that a conversation involves 2 people conversing, not him spewing at you.
            He’s a child! Lol


  2. I would suggest buying a eye mask to go with the earplugs. I cannot sleep without an eye mask for similar reasons. There always seems to be bright lights in my house and light coming from the building across from me. It drives me crazy but this has been the only thing that seems to work for me, since negotiating with stubborn people is practically impossible.


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  4. Has this guy ever had a roommate before? He keeps referring to you as a neighbor. You aren’t neighbors if you share a home. Your neighbors if you have separate units in a duplex or an apartment building or live in separate houses. But if you share a bathroom and a kitchen, you’re roommates. He needs to rethink his definition of those two things. Do you need someone to hit him in the face? It sounds like he needs a good slap in the face. I’ll volunteer. I find stupid, arrogant people to be a little more obnoxious these days than usual. It’d be nice to have someone to take it out on.

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    • No he’s 49 and has been in shared accommodation for decades! Lol like he just thinks everything is separate. Which is good for somethings like garbage and stuff. It’s good to have our own garbage bins then none of the “it’s your turn” “no it’s your turn” but he takes it to the furthest extreme. Like it’s so unfair that if the light is bothering me I have to suck it up but if noise is bothering him between 11-6 then it’s a huge thing and he won’t get earplugs cos he “needs his senses”

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  5. Just like your job isn’t his problem, the thermostat messing with the temps in his room are not yours. Sounds like you’re going to have to play his little game. If he doesn’t compromise, neither should you.

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  6. Sheesh… (It’s me Legit Trash, am back again with a new blog name on the same blog, heh.) Can you hang a blanket or light blocking curtains inside your part of the door? I know the aesthetic wouldn’t be the greatest, but may help with the kitchen light. Nothing I can say about the insane roomie that hasn’t already been expressed by all the rest here. I just super feel for you in this terrible situation… Keep all evidence he sends you, write down everything, time stamp, too. Just in case!

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    • Omg Jeni! It’s been so long!!!

      We had a resolution of sorts on Sunday so now we are at least back to being cordial with each other. He just has a really horrible outlook on the people he lives with. I posted that this morning lol and in all honesty I am trying to fix my sleep schedule. I hate getting up in the middle of the night probably as much as he hates hearing me up. I just want to sleep all the way through haha! So I’m using this week to try to fix my sleep schedule.

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        • The sleep issue is just two things: he wants to be uninterrupted from 11-6 and I want to have no light under my door when I fall asleep. I’m trying to get back into a better sleeping pattern. So I’m forcing myself to be up until at least 10. Last night I was lights out by 10:30 and only got up at 5! Which is such an improvement!! But this getting up in the middle of the night is annoying me haha I’m hoping to fix it

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