Election Time

I have no idea who I am voting for yet, is anyone else in the same boat?!

So this is one of my few posts that is basically just for the Canadians who read this blog, but if you are American please just take one thing away from all of this: VOTE! Like seriously, there is no excuse not to. You have the responsibility to vote and should be doing it every single time there is something to vote on. Let your voices be heard!! Unless you are the toddler upstairs right now, and then hush your voice child! And stop jumping off the couch over my bedroom. You don’t need to be crying SO MUCH.

Okies, so back to Canadian politics.

In Canada, our campaign time is like 6 weeks. Now I know that seems bananas for Americans, because you spend like a year having to deal with campaigns?! Pfft that is straight up insanity and I for one am glad that I live in a country were 6-weeks is the limit.

We go to the polls on October 21st and I need to vote. I didn’t vote last year when we had provincial elections and I feel horrible. As a woman, and as a person who holds an honours degree in political science, I expect more from myself.

So this year I am forcing myself to do more, and to be better. I don’t really know a lot about what the platforms are right now BUT I did find a great series to watch from CBC. I follow their twitter and I got the following links from there. Each one is a sit down discussion with each of the 4 main party leaders. They are 45 minutes long, but I just watched one and it didn’t seem that long at all. It’s worth it if you really want to know about the party’s platforms.

I’m a strange political person. I am definitely a “small c” conservative person. Both in my own values and morals, but also in how I act. I’ve always been that way, I think it has something to do with being raised in Christianity. I’m just conservative in so many ways. But I can truthfully say I don’t think I have ever voted Conservative in my life. Their platforms never match my own way of thinking, even as a conservative person.

I do love the NDP. I am a true socialist at heart and believe in a lot of socialist ideals. Like not the extremes of course, but the main ideals. I am very much in favour of not having a dictatorship.

I generally tend to vote Liberal. I’m not really a ‘little l” liberal in my own life (I’m religious, no sex before marriage, no drugs, no alcohol, I don’t think Id ever get an abortion etc), but then maybe I am. Just because I am a conservative person doesn’t mean that I think my values should be thrust upon others. Just because I don’t choose a specific lifestyle or make certain liberal choices for myself doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the right to make those choices for yourself. Have I lost you yet?

And what’s left is the Green Party. Yeah….the green party…

Okies, so here’s the deal. Yes, I understand a lot of people think that our current Prime Minister, while still a hottie with a body, is a noob. I get it. I’m kind of glad we had a second Trudeau in office. I missed the first “Trudeaumania” because my parents hadn’t even met yet during his THREE TERMS in office (heck yes you did Pierre! Way to go boo!) So I’m glad I got to experience a little bit of it now. And even through all his mistakes, I kind of think he’s done a semi-decent job over the last four-years. Semi-decent.

Then there is what’s his face running for the Conservative Party (y’all can see how much love I have for him just from that one sentence). He’s kind of a major poop canoe if you ask me. Like I’ve said, I don’t vote Conservative, but even if I did, I wouldn’t vote for him. Just looking at his face makes me want to throat punch him with a chair, and I can’t have my PM being someone who I want to throat punch with a chair. If you are thinking of voting Conservative JUST BECAUSE they are “opposite” of Liberals, I implore you to do research and then make up your mind. If after research you still feel the same way, then all the power to ya! Vote as your heart tells you to.

Onto NDP. Jagmeet Singh took over after Jack Layton died. Now I wanted Jack to be PM SO BADLY!! He would have been our Barrack Obama. I truly believe that. But now it’s Jagmeet Singh, and while I haven’t really been paying too much attention to what he’s been doing, I only really read/hear good things.

And the Green Party. Oh Elizabeth May. Girl….ya don’t have a chance. I’m sorry. Ya never have a chance. But you rock each election HARD every four years and I have to hand it to you, it can’t be easy to be the leader of your party. And I would love to see a female PM that was actually voted in (Kim Campbell, you don’t count. I can’t even be bothered to google if I got your name right.) I almost wasn’t going to watch her Face to Face segment but I will. Just to support a fellow female.

I’m spending my weekend making myself a little more informed. If you’re Canadian and would like to do the same, here are the links to the “Face to Face” series that CBC put out:

Jagmeet Singh

Justin Trudeau

Andrew Scheer

Elizabeth May

I also put a link to this survey on my twitter, it asks you lost of questions and helps you determine which party your ideals line up with. It might help you out.

Thank you for listening to my political ramblings. There will be no more until the next election!

13 thoughts on “Election Time

  1. South of the border, we’re still a month away from Election Day. And I know how important it is to vote. I just wish there was someone who is actually worth voting for. I’m tired of the “lesser of two evils” policy. Hang on… I’m gonna stop. Because I almost let myself go off on a tangent about political parties and the state of government in the US. Instead, I’m gonna go to bed and sleep the sleep of someone who can put off thinking about the election for a few more weeks…

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        • Oooh okies. So when do you vote for the president? Cos like hasn’t the campaign started already? Candidates are out and doing stuff? That’s such a long time lol but also it’s good because then people have a chance to see how people really are. Like our campaign is literally 6 weeks long lol candidates can hold their lives together for that long at the very least. But with the US I feel like it’s almost a year on the campaign trail and that’s a long time to keep things in check.

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          • Campaigns for president can start years before the actual election. Candidates could make their announcement that they’re running two years ahead of time. The democrats have already been campaigning heavily since the beginning of summer. They have to fight amongst themselves to see who might stand the best chance against Trump next year. Honestly, I’m constantly under the impression that all politicians are petulant children who don’t really care about the people who vote them into office and only want to see their own political party achieve or maintain power. I’ve officially lost faith in the system.

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            • See that’s insane lol who wants two years of election campaigns?! We just recently changed ours from like 4.5 weeks to 6 (or something small and insignificant like that) and people lost their minds! HAHA But we also don’t have to fight to see who will be up for the main job. Parties have their leader and as long as the leader wins their riding in the election they will be PM. But if the party wins the election, but the leader doesn’t win their riding, they have an “in-party” vote and then whoever wins is the new leader and thus the PM (or premier depending on the election we are having)

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                • They shouldn’t be on your lawn in the first place! LOL respect the grass!!

                  And it’s totally cool, I let myself do one political post per election and this was it for me. Although I wanted to say that even if your party won’t win (like the Greens lol) still vote for them instead of not voting. Because if they get a specific percentage of the votes, then the Federal government funds them something like $2 per vote for the next election to help run their campaigns. So that’s good, even if people see it as a “wasted” vote. It’s not. So there…now I said it and I didn’t have to write a new post! hahaha

                  I’ve never really understood American politics, it’s so confusing to me. Old Man Rant away!

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  2. Oh holy hell I hate how long our campaign process is…. I’m ready for a new president stat! Your current pm is definitely nice on the eyes lol. I love how you’re able to differentiate between what you believe in for yourself and what others can do with their lives. It drives me nuts when people think we all should follow the same playbook when everyone is different and should be able to make their own decisions. I personally wouldn’t get an abortion unless my life or the child’s life was in danger. I won’t tell someone else what they can or can’t do. We got some states down here trying to prevent abortion even in cases of rape and insect. We had a politician try to say that we wouldn’t have all of us here without a little of it… another state arrested a woman for a miscarriage believe she did it on purpose… I can’t stand people sometimes.

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    • Omg I am hating on all the anti-abortion laws that are happening in the USA right now! It’s like your country is going backwards. I read a headline somewhere that a woman got into a fight when she was pregnant, and got shot in the stomach because of it and was charged with murder because she willingly got into the fight. I’m not sure if that’s real news or what but it’s still insane.

      I am very excited for a new president for you as well! I can’t stand the orange cheeto!


  3. I didn’t read the post (cause, yah know, not Canadian) but I thought I’d just mention, voting is compulsory in Australia (you are fined if you don’t) which I think is brilliant. You can *donkey* vote if you really don’t want to – which means not following the rules so your vote is discounted, eg ticking, not numbering boxes etc – but at least it gets everyone to the polling booth. I think a lot more vote seriously because they are there so why not.


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