When roommates go insane

You blog about it and share screen grabs with everyone so they can all see how insane he is.

Okies, so as the title of this post says, my roommate done gone and lost his damn mind.

So just a little background about what happened. On Tuesday, I was going to a dentist appointment after work and I wanted to go to the dollar store before to grab a few things. So I get home from work, change, eat, and get ready to leave for my appointment. As I was walking out of my bedroom, I hear that my roommate is coming in the door that leads to outside, I get to the bottom of our stairs (which is narrow and small and not enough space for us both) and I ask him to hold the door, or don’t close the door, or SOMETHING like that. And then I step back and wait for him to come. Like I just wanted him to not close and lock if it I was going out. So he steps behind the door and off to the side and I decided to pop out since he did that.

I get to the end of our street (a minute walk) and am bombarded with the following (I’m the green, which I’m sure you could figure out because I’m not the crazy one)

So yes, we live in the same space but we are “just neighbours” and I need to take care of MY OWN door.

He is making it really hard to live with him. Like I’ve only been there for two months and I hate it! And him. I can’t go to the bathroom at night without him being all “you’re waking me up” and literally everything has to be his way. And I’m trying my darnedest to not stoop to his level but the ginger in me just wants to be petty and vindictive. Like last night I was cooking and turned on the oven and he had moved the rack to the VERY TOP and I didn’t know until after it was heated up and he was washing dishes so I didn’t even have the room to move it when I was cooking. I could have sent a stupid text like that too but I didn’t. And I’m promising you all that I won’t. That’s like 1300 broken promises if I do and I can’t live with that on my shoulders.

I did have a dream the next night that he was being evicted but the notice was written in purple crayon so I’m guessing it was really a dream and not reality.

Anyway, pray for me because I’m sure he’s going to end up killing me in the middle of the night or like snapping or something.

35 thoughts on “When roommates go insane

  1. TBH he sounds like he has a very similar personality to my brother; analytical to a fault. Just know he isn’t being mean to you, he just like things done a certain way. At least that’s the feeling I get from reading this.

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    • Oh yeah everything is done HIS way. Even when I moved in it was very clear from the start he wasn’t going to let me do anything my way. But I just decided to do it anyway lol like put my stuff in the shower. I’m not carrying my soap and shampoo and loofah out every day. No thanks. It stays in there

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        • Nopes. When I moved in, the only thing in the bathroom that was visible was the shower curtain. Behind the mirror he has half a roll of toilet paper for “guests” and a bar of soap for “guests who don’t like his” and a razor lol he literally has a fabric/vinyl shopping bag he carries to and from every time he showers or does his morning routine.

          I obviously need a garbage for my cycle and stuff and he was like “why do you need a garbage in the bathroom? Why can’t you just carry whatever garbage you have out and throw it away in a different garbage” like DUDE. I was all “no, I’m putting one in. I’ll take responsibility for it but it’s going in” so I have it under the sink with my feminine products and behind the mirror I have a whole shelf of my stuff and then I just put up a hook in the shower to hand my loofah and took the window sill to hold my shampoos and soaps


    • HAHA my lease is until the end of August! I’m not adding the stress of moving to my first year of teaching. Like if it’s really bad I’ll look for the end of June and once school is out I’ll pack up and leave. But I’m hoping he’ll be gone before then cos he is CONSTANTLY complaining about the ppl upstairs too


  2. Next time, you should reply with a text message that says, “Hey Sheldon!” And then ask him for his bathroom schedule because I’m pretty sure he has one.

    He’s definitely got a neurotic personality, so I get that he’s very difficult to live with. What bugs me is how he uses the words u and cuz. Ugh.

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    • He’s not Sheldon lol and it’s worse because at least Sheldon has a little bit of a point but like this guy was telling me he’ll shave in the kitchen because I “left toothpaste” in the sink in the bathroom? Like dude omg shut up.

      His grammar is even worse when you consider he is 49! Lol

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      • There’s an episode where Sheldon got mad at Leonard for getting dirt on the bathroom mirror, so Leonard had to go to great lengths making sure the mirror was clean at all times.

        This dude sure does remind me of Sheldon. It’s too bad you got stuck living with this guy. I’m impressed that you haven’t left him yet. Wow, 49 going on 10 lol 😂


        • Yeah it’s not like that at all lol. He’s just insane.

          It is too bad that I got stuck with him. Also a little upset I was told the people upstairs are a nice “quiet” young family. Which means that there is a toddler, a one year old, and a baby due this month. And they run and scream until 11pm. Super nice and quiet….

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          • I had a couple living above me with a toddler and that toddler would run back and forth across the ceiling all day long. I complained several times about the noise. It took a while to get them to leave but with persistence, they eventually did. Now I have 3 obnoxious college students living above me. The couple with the toddler was worse though. If it’s possible it might not hurt looking for a new place to live, if moving is a possibility for you.


            • I have a year lease. Moving isn’t an option. The noise is annoying during the day who who cares, it’s the night that is the problem. They literally woke up me from a dead sleep at like 11:30 at night cos one of their kids was bouncing a ball in the living room. It’s insane. Or like one was crying at like 2am and they just didn’t stop it…it went on and on.

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              • That’s really unfortunate. During the day can be annoying as well, but its the after hours that are extremely irritating. Some days, I have to wake up at 4:30 AM and the people upstairs don’t go to bed until 1:00 AM. The last family was worse because someone would wake up at 5:00 AM every morning but the noise wouldn’t stop until 2:00 AM. It’s impossible to do well at anything if you cannot sleep because of the obnoxious neighbors.

                If you haven’t invested in some earplugs yet (3M are the best brand IMO), earplugs are your friend. Another thing I would recommend are Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. They are not cheap, but I did not bat an eyelash buying these or feel guilty for purchasing them.


    • LOL you read the text messages of a 49 year old man! And I was totally texting another person who was helping me deal with the insanity. It was his idea to be all “look next time just be firm. ‘Say yeah I got it the first time. Chill.’” Lol so I tried my hardest to be chill. I’m not interacting with my roommate anymore unless I have to. I’m so over his stupidity.

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    • Omg Aaron, I just had another text conversation with him and I ALMOST deleted it but I’m like “no its good for the blog” so it’ll be up again. He is turning out to be a horrible person and I literally can’t even talk to him anymore. Like even trying to be a nice person and rise above, I can’t.


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  4. O-M-G! I’ve got to know how you guys became roommates, the circumstances, is the apt leased under just one of your names? Do you have any leverage here with which to work with?
    Is it possible for me to get your address? Because I’m feeling like coming over and HANDLE SOME BUSINESS for you.
    What a colossal prick this guy is!
    That text string…..I guess I’m not as nice of a person as you are. I’m working on that and pray about it often.
    BUT, right now…I would’ve Blew the frick UP and talk to Jesus about it later.🤣

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    • LOL we have a landlord, I rent one room in a basement apartment from the landlord and this guy does the exact same. So neither of us have control over the lease or apartment. No leverage to work with at all. My lease is from August 1st 2019 – September 30 2020. I’m not sure why it’s 13 months but it is.

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