Nail Art Sunday: Unboxing!

Remember how I bought lots of nail stuff as a present for myself? Some of the packages have arrived!!!

Okies so this is just for one of the companies, Enail Couture. I am in love with them so much more than before. So here ya go!!

Since I took this video over a week ago, I have also received my first Amazon package – with the nail dehydrator and bonder. I still have the blue and silver on my nails from this video, but it’s coming off today as it’s been two weeks and it’s starting to chip and be really gross.

I kind of want to wait until my other Amazon package comes to make another video, but I might just give it a week of nothing on my nails and then try out my dehydrator and bonder. The bonder is specifically for gel polish so it might be a nice little change.

Happy Sunday!

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