So we all know that the main interaction that most teachers have is with their students. This is just common sense. But the one thing that some people don’t expect (myself included) is having to deal with the parents as well.

We have just ended our fourth week of school and I must say that aside from dying from coughing and stuff, I’m settling in really well. Ps: update on my illness, it wasn’t the plague after all. Last weekend I was really sick with chills and sweats and fevers and stuff but the rest of the week, the razor blades in my throat were actually allergies. Go figure! My sinuses were dripping into my throat thus causing the irritation. I’m almost better now. YAY!

Okies so for the most part, the parents I have met are really supportive and so nice. A few of them actually went to the school were I am teaching when they were younger as well. They are a small, tight knit community and it’s so great working around them. They are the sweetest. All have welcomed me, offered me any assistance they can, and one even sent a special kind of throat lozenge for me to try when I was really dying earlier on in the week. Like just the best!

But when it comes to their children, it’s like sometimes they have lost all common sense. This week I sent home a small paper with science review on it. Wednesday will be our very first science quiz, and it’s literally 4 questions. It’s so easy!! I didn’t want to have to send the duotangs home with the kids so I wrote out instructions for studying.

Science Review – Assessment #1 (Quiz on Wednesday October 2nd)

  • Describe how an object moves (spinning, rolling, flying, ripping, walking, etc.)
  • What are the two forces that move an object?
  • Describe how you would move from one place to the other

And the amount of emails I have been getting since Thursday evening has been astounding!! Asking what to study and how to study. One parent asked for the duotang so I sent them with every child, and today I get an email asking for me to contact the parent. We were told in no uncertain terms NOT to communicate through our personal channels. I have a school email and if they want to talk they can call the school and I can talk with them. But the parent that emailed me wanted to talk TODAY. On a Saturday.

I wrote back and explained the best I could over email and tried to be polite in stating the fact that if they need to speak with me, I will be at the school early Monday morning. But then I get a reply asking for where the exact answers are in the duotang. Like I understand you want your child to do well in school, but this is my weekend. And the child should know the answers already. It’s not a final test, it’s a mini quiz. It’s not rocket science (it’s simple machines lol and not even the machine part yet!)

It’s so frustrating. I wrote back and was very vague. I said that it was as specific as I could go since this is a quiz and I want all my students to have the same advantages going into it.

I love that they were so involved in studying and stuff, but like it’s a little crazy sometimes. For example: I had to change how I wrote in the agendas because the parents are used to a different system and I was confusing them. And I didn’t give enough reminders for a spelling quiz because I sent home a calendar that had it written for Friday and then everyone was surprised when Friday arrived and there was a spelling quiz. Oh, and on a paper that I sent home that clearly said “log-ins will be sent early next week” I received an email asking where they would be getting their log-in, and they were confused about how to log-in.


Geeze….I hope I’m not like that if I’m ever a parent lol

9 thoughts on “Parents

  1. The problem with answering on the weekend is then they expect it – so don’t do it. I bet they don’t feel they have to do their officework on the weekend!

    And yes, parents are like that the world over. I don’t think I’m one of those parents (I sincerely hope not) but I know many.

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    • Yeah I’ve started to pull back. But for parents I actually like I’ll make exceptions to things. I had a parent email me at 10:30 last night about log ins. That were sent home three weeks ago! And I’ve hand written reminders in her child’s agenda a few times to have her sign up for one of the things and only now she’s trying to?! Like pfffttt I’ll answer your emails on my prep lol

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