Personally Victimized

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Y’all, I have my own Regina George, and her name is “my body”. Like who gave her the right to attack me so much?!

Have I not been giving you vegetables? And lots of sleep? And coffee every morning which is only half coffee and half decaf because, girl! I’m trying to look out for you?!?! And we both know we don’t need lots of caffeine!!

Have I not loved the skin covering you, and embraced and accepted all my curves and squishy bits? Given you tattoos to make you smirk every time someone gasps in shock and goes “YOU have tattoos?” Not freaked out when you started to loose your hair and bought you a stylish (and CRAZY expensive) wig?!

Have I not bought you some rocking clothes that make you feel amazing? And the boots – omg the BOOTS. And painted up your nails in ways that make people think professionals have done them?!

What exactly have I ever done to make you hate me SOOOO much?

Tired of being sick.


So here is the real deal: I got sick the first week of school. I was expecting it. My first teaching contract, and my first time in a school environment in three or more years. I knew it would hit me. I was prepared. And then the cough lingered which was fine, it always does. And then last week I was so good! I was sleeping without cough medicine, I wasn’t taking fisherman’s friends every 20 minutes. I could get through the day at school without sneaking another dosage of Buckley’s during recess. I was so excited!!

And then it happened. (if you want some good books to read to kids, get And Then It Happened it’s a whole series and is amazing!)

Friday I needed a little pick me up because I was going to be at the school until 5. I was driving to Kitchener on Saturday and needed to get a rental car, but they don’t open until 9 am on Saturdays and I had my threading appointment at 9:15. It wasn’t going to work. So Friday night pick-up it was!

So at lunch, I made sure my kids had prayed and were settled and told the teacher on duty I was leaving my room so she’d have to watch it. And I walked over to get Starbucks – a cold drink and some coffee cake.

By the time I got back, my energy levels had dropped in half. Just the 5 minute walk there and then back again had killed me! And I got a DECAF latte! What was I thinking?!

By the time dismissal came around, my whole body hurt. All my muscles. I could barely move. But I had an hour of time to fill. My class is used for the after-school program so I packed up all my stuff and went to the staff room. At 5, I packed up again, put the small rain forest worth of copying I had done back in my room and left for the car rental place.

As I was walking to the bus, barely being able to move my feet, now completely freezing despite it being like 24 degrees out, I realized I didn’t have my credit card or my driver’s license. I never take my wallet to work (just a debit card and my bus pass) so I called and they said to come before they opened tomorrow and they’d hook me up.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, I had spent the night in a constant change of freezing then over heating then freezing, then up to the bathroom and back to bed then I was sweating again, then frozen and the muscle pain and omg MY THROAT!


So Saturday I got the car, went to my threading, and went straight to my doctor’s who always has same day walk-ins. He gave me some medicine and I had to cancel my weekend. I’m seriously considering not going to school tomorrow. The rotating freezing and sweating is gone, but my throat isn’t better. It’s a little bit. Yesterday I couldn’t even eat because it hurt to swallow so much. But last night around 9 I had a burst of energy and ate a bit and had a shower and got into fresh pj’s. It’s the little things!

I still have my rental car until 6pm tonight – a mistake on their part, I only booked it for a day originally but I’ll use it today to go grocery shopping. I knew I’d have a car this weekend so I’ve held off on getting some things so now my list is massive. I’ll wait the day out and if my throat isn’t feeling better by 4, I’ll start making plans for my supply. But in the mean time, I’ll be scheduling some posts and catching up on some prep for school!

21 thoughts on “Personally Victimized

  1. Aww, bless you! Sounds like you got a proper flu this time. If you can tolerate ibuprofen, it can help with inflamed throats. That, cold drinks and a lot of rest! I hope you get better soon!

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    • Omg I seriously hate feeling this way! Today I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of “don’t feel well so I’m not going to eat, not eating so I don’t feel well” it’s horrible. And on top of that it hurts to swallow so eating is worse, and when I sleep my jaw keeps snapping shut and I bite my tongue/cheek/lips a few times a night and it hurts to eat. Ugh

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  2. Feel better soon! 😷 You described the sickly feeling so well. Gatorade is your friend when you are sick, especially when you are nauseous.

    Small world we live in… I have relatives who live in Kitchener and my parents live in Waterloo. Heck, I took my driving test in Kitchener. My mom discouraged me from going into teaching because she said there were no jobs in Ontario, but I guess she’s wrong. 😓

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    • I grew up in KW and did all my education there. And your mom is right, there are no jobs in the public board. My job is with a very small community school so it’s only one year contract at a time. It’s my first year doing it. I was a nanny for the last three years until it fell into my lap. My friends who went from teachers college to teaching are just now getting contracts -7 years after we graduated


  3. Feel better soon! Feeling sick is pretty much the worst! I think I’m nearly over my cold/cough/whatever it is… Still hacking occasionally, but the coughing fits are fewer and farther between. But when they come, they sound a lot more severe than they really are.

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    • Omg Aaron it sucks soooo much! Like can’t even be awake for more than a few hours 😭 I’m glad you’re almost over yours. I was like that until Friday lol now again almost over it. Feeling better today. But still feeling like death

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      • I won’t give you advice on how to feel better. Because I’m so cynical and convinced that nothing that anyone actually suggests does anything. I’ve stopped believing that over the counter meds can help. I’ve stopped believing in the plenty of fluids and rest methods. I’m not even sure I believe that chicken soup is all it’s cracked up to be anymore. They’re all gazebos.

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        • My doc gave me some pretty powerful cough medicine and that helped a lot yesterday! The freezing and heat waves stopped today, and my appetite is back. But I took that powerful cough syrup this morning and spent the rest of the day feeling like I needed to throw up. It’s been a harsh cycle of not eating because my throat hurts and then sleeping and my jaw snapping shut so I bite my tongue so I can’t eat then I feel worse cos im not eating. But I forced myself to eat today so it’s better. And I just woke up from my 4th nap lol

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