The Plague

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So that was basically me all week, except, unlike Sheldon, I had no one to bring me soup and sing me “soft kitty” and I couldn’t just stay in bed.

Every day I was up and out and at school! I took Buckley’s with me (if you don’t know what that is, be thankful because it’s the worst tasting cough medicine EVER but it works!) I was gargling with salt water multiple times a day to save my voice, and getting lots of rest.

I can’t believe how far my voice went! But I’m tired of it in my classes. I have seen how the students are in their other classes and to have SUCH a change in mine is ridonkulous. I’ve implemented a few things to track behaviour, but so far there has been no improvement. But I shouldn’t really judge – each class had one great day last week and then it was a full moon and Friday the 13th all at once and I just can’t compete with that!

We finally have our carpet which means that we can sit all together for learning and that has helped a lot as well.

In other news, nothing much is going on with my life haha. I honestly just go to school, get it done, come home, plan the next day’s math lesson (I had the rest of the week planned by Monday morning) and then Netflix it until I pass out around 9:30. My cold is getting better though! Just a little cough left over, and those always linger much longer than they should with me.

My plan for the weekend is: be an adult around the house, lesson plan, relax. I have my math lessons almost ready for the whole week, I know what I’m going to cover each day. So that’s the hardest part. I had to change my schedule because silly me thought I could actually teach 25 minutes of science during a 25 minute time slot. Pffftt. That needs to change to an hour. The kids have SO many questions which is amazing and they need more time for writing. Lesson learned. The VP says I can change it but I have to let the parents know. So I have changed my own schedule and will see how this week goes and decide after that.

Hope you all are doing well! If I can get a good system in place for planning I hope to start blogging more. Until then, Saturday morning posts will be the thing!

Miss you all! Love you all!



11 thoughts on “The Plague

    • HAHA! I’m getting lots of rest 🙂 This weekend I have already done everything out that I have to aside from church tomorrow morning. I’ll have to wait to see how my cough is by then, I sit beside two very sweet old ladies (93 and 95 years old) so I don’t want to be getting either of them sick.

      And my roommate basically keeps to himself, which is fine. We’re both quiet and simple people so it’s been working out well 🙂

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  1. My coworker made me leave work early yesterday because of how horrible I sounded. Really thankful that I have nothing going on this weekend so I can at least try to get plenty of rest and drink all the fluids. I’ve actually spent most of the day today lying down… I wish I could say I feel better. I read that if you drink tons of water, it helps to loosen mucus, which should speed things along if you’re able to cough that junk out. But I’ve been drinking tons of water and all I have to show for it is a trip to the bathroom every 15 minutes…

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    • Haha! Last Friday I was up every two hours over night to go to the bathroom!! Have you tried tea and honey? Also a good trick for sore throats is chewing raw garlic but that’s not for the faint of heart. It’s gross and burns and you’ll be tasting it for like a day after 😂 get better soon, friend!

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