I survived!!

My voice didn’t, but I did!

I have one group of kids (22 on the list but only about 18 were there today) until lunch, and then right before lunch we switch. And then I have 25 students (23 showed up today) and they killed my voice. SO LOUD! We may have had to practice going from the invisible carpet (because I don’t have one yet) to their chairs four times….in a row…because they were too loud… but we all survived to the end of the day!! Mostly with smiles! And I got a half hug, and we were decorating some strips of paper and one student decorated hers with “we love you Miss GF” my heart!! Already!!

And I have been taken under the wing of one of the more senior teachers at the school. Every time she sees me she laughs. And now she is teaching me Armenian! So all day she was pulling me up to random people: the vice principal, the principal, this teacher, that teacher, a random parent at dismissal – all to practice my word for the day: good morning. So at 4pm a parent heard me say good morning to them. It’s pronounced pair-ee loo-ee (pari louis) and now you know too so spread the knowledge.

much love!

Miss GF 😉

21 thoughts on “I survived!!

    • Yes!! It’s a nice transition into my first year! I teach math/social studies/language arts/science. Then they have gym/French/art with different teachers, and then their Armenian teacher does history and religion and language with them.


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