Throwing Rocks

short film rock GIF by Patrick Doyon

Last week I didn’t have work of any kind. Except for prep for school of course. And I did a LOT! So naturally, I needed a break. And the guy provided that! He made plans for us to meet on Thursday, so we went to a cafe for some cold drinks. It was a cafe that was new to both of us, and I really enjoyed my cookies and creme milkshake! The guy had some sort of berry slushy type thing. It looked good too. We sat outside at some tables the cafe had set up and enjoyed some good conversation for a while.

Usually, that’s about as much as we do together. We just spend about an hour or so hanging out and then go our separate ways. BUT this time he asked if I wanted to tag along to a store, and obviously, I did. I bought some vegan nail polish (because out of all the colours I was sampling on my thumb he commented that that one was “beautiful”) and there will be a post up tomorrow about that.

And then after that, he still had some time so we went to a park. Which was my spur of the moment decision because I can’t make those decisions well. It’s my go-to choice. I love to go on swings, and I also kind of like to see what the reaction to that suggestion is from guys. I’ve had a range of reactions from standing off to the side while I swing, to sitting on the swing, to just doing a few pumps and then being all “well ok”. But not the guy! He sat down and full-on used the swing for like five minutes! Being the complete dork that he is, swinging sideways trying to smash into me lol

But then he spied a climbing structure in the park. I couldn’t find a picture for you, but it was like three different sections, each a different primary colour, that swirled together near the top. There were hand grips that were holes. So the guy decided to try to throw rocks into the holes. And then he challenged me to try it and I was getting tired of my swing by that point so I decided to give it a go.

Now, I SUCK at throwing. Hard. Like seriously I have no depth perception and throwing things is a horrible idea for me. But I gave it my all. No use pretending to look cool. I looked like an idiot. But still had fun!

We did that for a while, and I was able to get FIVE stones into one hole in one throwing cycle! We had gathered about 15 stones by that time and would throw them one at a time until we ran out and then the other person would go. He got like 7 or 9 as his high score so he won.

Then he saw a little ladybug that kids can sit in and rock back and forth. So that one we had to toss the rock into the seat and not have it bounce off. Again, he won.

By that time, the park was getting more and more little children, as it was around 7pm, and parents were doing the “let’s take a walk before bed” trip with their kids. So a little girl climbed into our ladybug. We took a few steps over to the actual play structure which had one section to climb up but instead of steps, it had three poles with round metal circles attached so the kids would place their foot flat on the circle to climb up. Again, we had to throw the rock and have it land on the circle without falling.

I did it!!! I actually got a rock to stay! By this time we only had three rocks left and there were good ones. Nice size and a little heavy so they were good to toss. BUT the guy says that my toes were over the line he had drawn in the sand as our starting line and I say that they weren’t. I just got so excited that I got a rock to stay on the disk that I jumped up and down a few times and moved. But apparently he’s right and I’m wrong because if we remember from a few posts ago about him, he’s right 99.0067% of the time or something like that lol. I disagree! I got it to land within the first few rounds so I say that I won that game. He got one to stick about 50 rounds later and maintains that it was the only legitimate landing. PPPPFFFFFTTTTT

And just as we were about to leave, he picked up another rock to add to our throwing game but one side is in the shape of a heart so I tucked it into my pocket and brought it home.

We spent almost two hours at the park just being silly. Which was nice. It’s nice to see his personality come out a little more each time we get to do something. Which isn’t often because he’s so busy all the time. But the time we do get to spend together is always fun. Of course, I still have no idea what exactly we are. And the “defining what we are” conversation is definitely coming because I’m already way too emotionally attached to not be knowing. But also a little scared that it’ll be like last October all over again when I was fully emotionally invested and he was “sorry”. Part of me really feels like that’s how it’s going to go, but another part of me thinks it’ll be ok. That part just needs to give some confidence to the other part to actually have the conversation lol. Can I buy confidence somewhere? Anyone know the brew for liquid luck from Harry Potter?

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3 thoughts on “Throwing Rocks

  1. Sounds like you had fun – and a nice break from the work stuff.

    Better to have that conversation sooner rather than later if you’re already feeling emotionally invested, no matter how hard it is, if the answer is sorry you don’tw ant to have it go longer… Good luck (((hugs)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a great break from work stuff!

      And yes I definitely agree, sooner rather than later. He’s in the US for the weekend so it will have to wait until he gets back, but it’s gotta happen very soon lol


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