Happy Anniversary!

WOW! Are you guys ever in the dog house! I can’t believe y’all forgot NLFF’s 4th anniversary which happened on Monday and which I didn’t remember to post about. I can not help but feel a little bit betrayed!

I was cleaning my room today and checking out my day book and was reminded that it was No Love For Fatties’ fourth anniversary on the 26th. So happy birthday, blogiversary, anniversary, whatever word you want to use!

It’s been a great four years meeting all of you and forming friendships with a lot of you. I know I’ve been slagging off a bit, but that’s only expected when there’s some major life changes. I’m going to try to keep up posting, hopefully at least once a week going forward! It’s going to be a very busy start to September for me and I can’t wait to see what the new chapter in my life brings both for me personally and for the blog.

Love you all!


12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

    • Hehe thanks Janet! My official anniversary is August 26th, but my WordPress anniversary is in October sometime, so I get reminders for it from WordPress lol I started on a different site which was HORRIFIC and literally crashed almost every day. One time it was down for two weeks straight and the first day it was active I copied all my posts into a word document and started up here instead 🙂

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