Taking advantage of some free entertainment!

Every Wednesday, from 6-9, the Art Gallery of Ontario has free admissions. You can come and go as you please and look at all the exhibits for no cost. It’s amazing! I’ve been telling myself that I’d go for the last three years, and while I had my week between my summer job and the start of teacher orientation, I finally went!

It’s easy to get to the AGO via transit, and only took me about an hour from where I live in Scarborough. I spent the evening sending pictures of crazy sculptures to the guy and my brother going “ha! This is you”. Sometimes I like to go to things like that alone, but it’s always much more fun with an overly sarcastic person to laugh at things with. Of course, both of them were busy so I got no replies while I was there.

Here are a few of the pictures that I took, there’s a lot so feel free to click through the slideshow instead of waiting for the slides to change.

Also, if you missed my post yesterday, I have a nail poll up again! It’s open until Monday morning so cast your vote, or get your wife/sister/mother/strange neighbour lady to tell you which one they like and place that vote. Right now there are only three votes so it’s anybody’s guess right now!

6 thoughts on “AGO

    • The rotating exhibits were really interesting!! I’ll have to make the time to go in for the permanent ones haha or at least eat before going so I’m not tired and hungry and thus cranks by the time I work my way down to them 😂

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  1. Some of those pieces are stunning. I particularly liked a few of the statues. Love going to art galleries but I get like you, I can only handle so much time before I have to take a break.

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    • I definitely just needed to eat, like I had an early dinner at like 3:30 haha so basically a late lunch, and I was all “that’s fine! It’ll hold me until after” nopes. I was not held. hehe but this art gallery has 4 floors, and only three were open to the public that day. I did two of them so I think that’s a win in my books.

      I love the statues! I don’t know how someone can carve it without messing up! Like a painting you can fix as you go sometimes but a statue or a sculpture? You can’t fix that! lol


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