Back to School Nails!

That’s right peeps and meeps! It’s time for back to school, which means I’ll be doing my nails for the occasion!

But I am stuck. Like always! So I need your help! There is a poll below which will run until Monday morning my time and then I will be doing my nails. This Sunday there will be a video up but it’s about something else so don’t freak out. The poll is open until September 2nd at 10am Toronto time.

Here are your choices:

Cast your vote in the poll

9 thoughts on “Back to School Nails!

  1. Poop, I can’t see apples and dots because the link is broken for me. I won’t vote ’cause that would be guessing, lol, but I think I would maybe go for the apples? Only ’cause I couldn’t tell it was pencil and paper 😦 I had to read the survey to find out what it was. Then I could see it. At first I thought the “paper” was music staves.

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  2. Now I’ve worked out the difference in stationery (Australia has black and red pencils which is why I couldn’t see a pencil in that design), and seen the other design (thanks, T!) I’ve voted. But I think blue lines for the paper would make me think paper, not music 😉

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