Saturday Questions #52

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One thing that I dream of doing is publishing a book. I’ve wanted this for quite some time but I lack the motivation to actually get it done. Like I have lots of ideas for children’s books or ideas of an amazing chapter for an adult fiction book, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s the motivation to finish the little story, or put the point form notes together, or to flesh out something outside of just a chapter. That’s it. But I would still love to have something published.

What about you? What is one thing you dream of doing?

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And this is the last one! My year of Saturday Questions has come to an end!! I can’t wait to start writing about something else. I really enjoyed having this list to help me this year. Have you done something like this? Did you enjoy these questions? Any suggestions on what I should do next?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #52

  1. My dream is to start making residual income from videos I post to YouTube or things I can sell in my Etsy shop. Guess I should start making some videos in order for that to happen eh? I’ve loved your Saturday Questions. I’m thinking of starting a “This or That” series.

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    • Ooo very nice! Both for the dream and the new series! I think I need to focus on my nanny series on Channillo for a little bit. For my dating one I had all the chapters scheduled well in advance but I don’t have the new topic done for my nanny one that is set to be released on Monday lol

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  2. Samesies. I want more than to be published, though, I want it to be a career.

    And I’ve really enjoyed these posts. I’m going to adopt the same list but will start it next year =)

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