Being Productive

This week, I have no work to do, except all the work that I need to do for classes.

If I was working for a public board, I’d still have two full weeks off, but the private school that I’m working for has a teacher’s orientation the last week of August. So, as of 10 am on Monday, I will be working again. But I’ve also left like a ton of stuff to be done!

The one thing that I really needed to focus on was my living space. Now, I know, this has nothing to do with teaching or my job. BUT it also has everything to do with it. I needed to have a better organized living space in order to actually get work done. It was so distracting!

On Monday, I drove out to my parents house. I was expecting to find this BIG pink binder from when I was in teacher’s college. It had all my stuff from my practicums in it and showed some organizational things that I hoped would help. And there was a pair of dress pants that I wanted to pick up too. I also needed my microwave because my roommate is an “everything is separate” type of person and has his microwave in his bedroom. Three weeks without one has been difficult.

I arrived and said my hellos and saw the way they had renovated their kitchen and then I was on my mission. I couldn’t find the dress pants or the pink binder BUT I found my old supply teaching bag which still had some things in it. I found a box of “office supplies” and took a few things that I needed. And I found this beautiful little box:

For each section there’s only one or two cards but at least it’s something! Definitely brought back some memories from school six years ago.

Then I loaded up the car and was off for coffee with my wife and a little shopping. I was able to find a few new sweaters from Winners and a nice shirt I can wear at work. But that was it. My major finds were at Walmart though!

So these are the major things. I bought a full length mirror which isn’t pictured. But I needed the side table to put my printer on so my microwave could sit where my printer was.

Moving along, the shoe stand. OMG I have turned into a girl who has more than two pairs of shoes and they were honestly a huge mess. I built this lovely stand which I got from the dollar store (for $4) and now my shoes are all nice.

Next was the pool noodle. You might be asking yourself why I needed a pool noodle that I paid $3 for at the dollar store instead of $1.88 at Walmart because I decided that it would be cheaper at the dollar store. Well, I’ll show you why. I have these amazing “hooker boots”. I bought them when I was dating Slappy and they made me almost as tall as him. Plus I feel SUPER SEXY in them. Every person should have a pair of footwear that makes them feel SUPER SEXY. But, since they are knee-high boots (hence the name hooker boots) they don’t really stand up when I’m not wearing them.

So sad!! BUT when you take a pool noodle, cut it in half, and stick that INSIDE the boots, well it’s just amazing! They stand up and I don’t have to worry about the suede creasing and looking all stupid and I will continue to feel like a million bucks in them.

The last item was that mini vacuum. Now I went from all hardwood floors to carpet when I moved. But, I just have my one room, and I’m kind of on a tight budget until I start getting paid again, so I didn’t want to spend a LOT of money on a vacuum just to do my one room. BUT I did see this mini-vacuum a few weeks ago while I was in Wal-Mart and decided to track it down! It was on sale for $21 and I LOVE IT! It came in three pieces, and as you can see, it’s basically just a large hand-held. BUT if you clip on the handle and slide in the bottom piece, it works just the same as a regular vacuum!

I’ve already used it and it’s GREAT! The cord is long enough that I don’t have to unplug and move it, and it’s so super easy to empty it and clean the filter.

And the very last thing I did to finish organizing my room was to hang up my hippo lights. 4th had bought these for my birthday and I didn’t hang them up because I knew I would be moving. So I purchased some command hooks and hung them up! I also put a hook in the bathroom so I could hand my shower puff up and not have to carry it back and forth to my room.

So now I am fully settled in, and I have been using the rest of my week to work on lesson plans! Which has totally sucked because I basically have no idea what I’m doing haha.

4 thoughts on “Being Productive

  1. No dollar store in Australia has everything for $1. But things here aren’t cheap so no surprise.

    Sounds like your room is totally sorted now. And by the end of the week your prep will be sorted too 😉

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    • I have the first unit for 3/4 of the subjects I’m teaching planned. For science that means a full 9 weeks (4 classes a week) which was the easiest to plan. Math and social studies are about two weeks and I will do language arts on the weekend. And I’ve started getting ideas for classroom decorations and things! My brain has started to accept this and get into deep planning mode!

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