Casa Loma

Last week I went on a little tour of Casa Loma, and now I must share about it!

Casa Loma is a beautiful Castle here in Toronto, and is definitely a tourist attraction for so many people. The students I’m teaching all summer go to see it on one of their daily activities.

I had never actually been to it before last Monday, a holiday here in Ontario, and I decided that after three years of saying “I’m going to go” I would finally go! The Guy has been a few times and he said it was amazing and the first time we hung out he said I should definitely go.

It was easy enough to get there via public transit, only took about an hour once I actually got on a bus. Being the holiday Monday, buses were not on their regular schedule. The first glimpse of where I needed to be came by way of what felt like a thousand stairs.

The day was sunny and hot, and having to go all the way up was not how I wanted to start my day, but better at the start than at the end! So up I sent. Then you walk through this really nice little park area before you actually get to see the house.

Ta-da!! Isn’t is gorgeous?!

I took a few pictures outside before joining the line to get my ticket. One adult ticket was $30 and honestly I felt a little upset at that before I got inside. I feel like that’s a lot of money to walk around a house.

The property offers audio tours and I was going to get one to make the most of my trip, but the line for that was about 30-45 minutes long and there is no way I’m going to wait that long. So I just grabbed a map and started off on my own.

Since it was a holiday, and it’s the middle of summer, there were a LOT of people there. And the ones who had audio tours were the worst ones. Not even paying attention to those around them, just walking right into them while holding their device up to their ear.

But the inside of the house was AMAZING. And the outside of the house was AMAZING. I did the main floor, and the two upper levels as well. Once on the very top floor, you are even able to go up into one of the towers. Which is a two flight old staircase which is super freaky to walk up. If it was just one flight I would have been fine but after the landing in the middle I started to freak out. But I had made the choice to go up so I had to go all the way up! I’m glad I did because the views from the top were spectacular! But going down took forever because I was like a little toddler, doing one step at a time, and not walking down like a normal person.

So I did the main levels of the house then went out into the garden. I got a gelatto, which was YUM, and then took some time in the garden taking pictures by the fountain and of the flowers. If the guy would have been there, I would have played “what’s that” with all the flowers. But he wasn’t so I just had to amuse myself lol.

By the end of that, I had spent well over two hours on the property and decided to go home. I forgot skipped the basement level of the house and the stables. Which I regret now. But that’s ok. I was exhausted and wanting to go home and get out of the heat.

Overall, a super enjoyable time! Here are some of my pictures from the day.

8 thoughts on “Casa Loma

    • I wish I had the audio tour to learn more than I did. I didn’t stay in any of the rooms for very long just because of the amount of people who were there and how rude they were. A lot of them were just letting their children run all over the place and it was super annoying lol

      But you were there in April? Are you from around Toronto?


    • It was such a nice outing! I loved it! šŸ™‚ In the summer they have “Casa Loma after dark” and you can do the tours and stuff after dark and see it all lit up. I really wanted to do that, but if I went I’d have wanted the guy to come with me. Day-time events are better if you’re going alone

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