Scammers Scammers, Everywhere

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So my day has been one from hades. Like I’m not sure why I am the subject of all these scams lately but it can stop anytime!

I got home from work today and was updating my student reports for the one girl graduation tomorrow. I started the day off tired and cranky and upset and but by the time I got home, I was kind of feeling better. I had an appointment at 6 so I didn’t have to leave my house until like 5:20. All was good.

Until I got a text message from my cell phone company. Someone was trying to transfer my number to a different company. If this was me, cool click the link, if it wasn’t please call by clicking this link.

Well, after what happened with my credit card a few weeks ago, I was calling RIGHT AWAY. And I wasn’t clicking the link. I found the phone number online and called them that way.

The dude on the phone said that yes, someone was trying to move my number from that provider to another company and they put a stop to it right away. I said awesome, thanks for taking care of it!

Then I get up to go to the bathroom and I check my phone, and there is an alert on it saying that service was discontinued and I had two emails from my service provider saying that service was discontinued!!

So I PANIC. I go to the website but they only have a stupid virtual assistant and if I need more assistance I need to call them. BUT MY PHONE WAS SHUT OFF!! I quick run out the door and head to the closest shop.

Once there, I get the guy to have a service call come to the kiosk phone since mine didn’t work. I also connected to the mall wifi and find out that my paypal account had the password changed and an email added to it. I was locked out.

I used the kiosk phone to call paypal but after 10 minutes on the phone with them, my phone provider was calling through and I had to hang up. I was on the phone for about 40 minutes with my phone service provider. Even though they had cancelled the transfer, it still went through. So I use Facebook to message my brother who calls my appointment for me and tells them I’ll be late.

I finally get my phone number back and then I head off to my appointment. I had two booked and I was 30 minutes late which meant that I was right on time for my second slot. I got my face threaded and then we were going to do my shoulders but I checked my phone again to see if I was getting texts yet (I could call out but nothing else) and it had lost service AGAIN

We didn’t do my shoulders and I paid and left for the mall again. The lady at the kiosk saw me and we turned my phone off and waited about 20 seconds and turned it back on. I had service! I called my dad. That worked. He called me, and it worked. I was getting text messages! YES So I left.

I got home and called paypal. After about an hour on the phone with them, they had verified that yes someone had changed the password and email on the account. They had added two additional addresses to the account. They had a pending purchase of over $1000.

The account is now frozen. And I can cancel it once that pending charge is fully taken off. As I was on the phone with paypal I got an email saying “Please confirm your email now so that we really know its you” so I asked her about it and the email it was sent from was which isn’t a paypal email! So it’s being ignored as well.

UGH! Since my phone is technically a “new transfer” I can’t change my number for 14 days, but as soon as 14 days are up I am getting a new number. I had SUCH a horrible day. I am so glad that it’s almost over.

19 thoughts on “Scammers Scammers, Everywhere

  1. I get a voicemail at least once a week telling me if I don’t call them back, I will be arrested and in the custody of the police department (they don’t say which police department) for the crimes I’ve committed (they don’t say what crimes). It’s getting a tad old hahah

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  2. That sounds awful! Just a couple weeks ago, I got an alert that someone was trying to charge over $3,000 to my credit card. I called my card company right away and they shut down my account, opened a new one, and sent me a new card all during the phone call! This all happened late at night when Fella, mom and I were all playing Pictionary and drinking. When I was on the phone with my cc company, my mom kept whispering, “I’m too drunk for this.” It was hysterical. 😀

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    • LOL!! I had that happen with my credit card too but I thought the text was a scam so I ignored it for a few days until I went to use my card and it wasn’t working haha!! The scammers tried to use the full $6000 and it didn’t work and then the next day tried $2 on iTunes. Which would have probably worked if my account wasn’t already frozen from the first purchase haha

      Your mom sounds hilarious!

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      • When I first read the text out loud, Fella said it sounded like a scam, so he grabbed his phone and googled the number. I just went into my credit card app and called the number from there. If he hadn’t mentioned scam, I’m not sure I would have even had the thought!

        Yea. She’s pretty great. 🙂

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        • Lol I always check the number for things. And even if I know it’s a legit text message, I will never click the link. I always do it the long way and go through their website or google the number and then call them back.

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  3. That’s why I am pre-paid with my phone account. Much harder to steal things. This happened to a friend the day she was flying to Hawaii for a holiday. She had to spend the first day or so on the holiday calling back to Oz to try and sort it out. Apparently you need to put a password on the phone with the telco company (so not the physical password or fingerprint you have on the phone itself). Then if someone does try to move your number they have to provide more than your name, email and phone number.

    Maybe if you can add a password to your phone account you won’t have to change numbers.

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    • Oh yes – m account has all of that! A password for the website AND a pin code. So right away we changed my pin and then the account was shut off. After I got it back up and running I changed my password as well. They have locked down the account. Nothing is going to be changing now that it’s all sorted. But I still feel that ping of anxiety over it. I’m not sure if I want to go through the hassle of changing my phone number or not. Still have a week to figure it out haha


  4. Just stumbled upon your blog so if you see that a Canadian has given you view hits in the last hour, yep that’s me. Very cool that you live in Toronto – I’ve got family in Ontario and know people in Toronto. I know none of this is related to your blog post cause, yeah. I ramble A LOT.

    Anyways, that hair thing you mentioned in your About section? I’ve got that too. Except not on my shoulders but on my chinny chin chin. I’ve got white chin hairs and have never gotten them threaded. I use a manly electric razor to raze those bad boys off my chin. I can relate to your struggle though; the hairs get very annoying….

    Your scammer story reminds me of this kids song, except with the lyrics changed: Scammers scammers everywhere we’re gonna get scammed! (Original: Water water everywhere we’re gonna get wet!)


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