So I built a thing.

And I did it all by myself!

The same day that I went to pick up my new wig, my new bed frame was delivered. I had asked the delivery website to put it at the side door, but instead they dropped it at the front door. The box was taller than the door frame AND weighed just over 70lbs. I had to take it from the front porch, down the stairs, around the side of the building, THEN into the house and down more stairs (I was able to walk it down easily by twisting the box) and then place it in the hall by my door. I was SO glad I had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for Thursday because OMG that was really difficult.

I didn’t bother with it on Tuesday because I was exhausted. But on Wednesday, after I returned from work, I decided that I was going to do it!

Inside the box was everything that I needed. Things were packed super nicely, not too much excessive waste. The company even included some thank you cards inside – like just blank cards that I can send to people. UM HELLO!!! AMAZING IDEA!

I unpacked the box and had the pieces laid out on the floor before I got started.

If you look REALLY CLOSELY you can see little circles at the ends of all the beams – those are numbers. Everything was numbered!! NUMBERED!!! So that long bar at the bottom has a 5 on it. You find the other piece that has a 5 and they go together. AMAZING!

I only had to sent a help text to my dad ONCE. The bolts came with two washers: a solid one and a split one. But no nuts. So I didn’t know if I needed to move one or both of the washers to the other side of the beams before tightening them, but that made no sense because I didn’t have the nut to place on the end. I sent my dad the following pictures:

Apparently I was over thinking it because the picture CLEARLY shows to just put the bolt in as is, and tighten. It really was that easy. And if I would have actually looked at the beams before getting confused, I would have noticed that they are all enclosed and it would have been impossible to attach a nut on the other side even if I had them.

The kit came with an allen key and a mini ratchet. I LOVE MY MINI RATCHET! I used it for everything. My only issue is that I can’t take off the allen key attachment and put in a different one. But whatevers, man! I have a baby ratchet!

It was so simple to put together. There were 14 picture instructions, all super easy to follow. Literally just line up the numbers and you’re good to go. It took about 30-40 minutes to get it all together once I actually got started putting it together. But my brother and the guy were both on their lunch breaks at that time so there was a lot of stopping to text. But eventually I got it all finished!

Now, the best thing about this bed frame is how the slats are put on!! If you look at the middle bar there, you’ll see a little bit of discolouration on the metal. That’s because there are “anti-noise strips” aka: velcro! THAT’S RIGHT! I SAID VELCRO!!! So the outside beams the wooden slats are held together with fabric strips (like most) BUT they aren’t just fabric, they are the scratchy side of the velcro! And they attached to the soft side that is on the beams! So the slats won’t move!! And the middle beam has the soft side so that the wood doesn’t rub on the metal making noise!

Look at the picture again, see how there are stickers on two of the wooden beams? Those are anti-slip stickers. You peal off the tape and it’s sticky and your mattress sticks to it SO IT DOESN’T MOVE AROUND ON THE WOODEN SLATS!!! This company has thought of everything! I have a bed skirt so I put that on the sticky part, which made dropping and pushing my mattress into place SO MUCH EASIER than before because I didn’t have to keep readjusting the bed skirt because it was STUCK IN PLACE!!!!

So I made up my bed, and it looks amazing, it’s so comfy to sleep not on the floor, it’s supportive, and doesn’t make any squeaking sounds! AMAZING!! And I literally got this from Walmart. WALMART. Yeah. You’re welcome.

Hubert is happy! Just look at him!! Now all I have to do is hang up the string of hippo lights over the headboard and it’ll be perfect!

14 thoughts on “So I built a thing.

    • Ooo screwing into the baseboards is a good idea too!!

      Yes I did all the lifting and moving myself! It is VERY comfortable! Just don’t count today as an example cos im awake at midnight lol I just had espresso at noon and this is my punishment. My bed is very comfy

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