Doris’ Retirement

She’s had a good long run, but it’s time for her to enjoy some long awaited rest.

For those of you who don’t know, Doris is my wig. I got her just over four years ago, and in November, I will have been wearing her for four years straight. That’s a long time for a wig. She’s done her job amazingly and I have to admit, it’s sad to see her falling apart and needing some TLC.

The man who makes my wigs, Michael, is amazing. He used to be a hairstylist and now he makes wigs for people who are losing their hair. I was diagnosed with advanced localized female alopecia when I was 27 and Doris came into my life when I was 28. I tried a few things to help, but I basically have male pattern baldness just as a female and not a male. And there’s nothing you can do about that. So I took the plunge and got a wig.

I’m sure there are people out there who can rock the bald look as women, but I am not one of them. Growing up I was always self-conscious of my body weight but my hair was my one true asset. Everyone loved my red hair. So Doris was very important to me. I wrote an introductory post about her for my 6 month anniversary here on NLFF, so it’s only fair that she gets a retirement post as well.

Michael is pretty awesome at making wigs. Like they are EXPENSIVE (Doris was just under $1500) so it’s an investment. He makes them mostly for cancer patients so they look like real hair. They are light-weight, comfortable, durable, made from synthetic hair, will never fade or need to be redyed. Just really amazing quality. About three weeks ago I called him up hoping and praying the number still worked and that he was still making wigs. I had left this WAY too long and needed my new wig before I start my new job in three weeks. I didn’t want to transition after the school year starts. Thankfully he was still doing this and didn’t have any clients lined up and I was able to book a consultation just a few days after I saw him.

Consultations take about 30 minutes. He has a HUGE pile of colour samples. We matched Doris and then started from that section of reds. I wanted a little bit lighter and longer. He measured my head without Doris, and with, to get the right fit and length. And he went over the new innovations that he’d be using in my new wig.

In less than a week he was finished! He orders the material from the US and does all the work by hand. Some tracks can be sewn in but in other places you have to literally sew in the hair one strand at a time. And he does amazing work. I picked up my new wig a week ago, and have been in love with it ever since! It takes a day or so to get it styled correctly for my tastes but in the end I was super happy with it and shared that here early last week. I wore it to work on Thursday and no one said anything or noticed. My kidlets saw it the same day and all knew right away, though. The colour is actually almost exactly the same but it’s shinier, and smoother, and I feel like a bazillion bucks in it!

Here’s a comparison of the two:

New on the left, Doris on the right. Almost identical! The new is a little more red, while Doris is more brown.

The inside makings (net and lace front) are different too. And it’s soo noticable to someone who has to wear it all day lol .

And now onto the new one! She’s a beauty!

The new one cost just under $1600. It was about $100 more this time around. And it’s about an inch longer. Coming just to my shoulders. It’s such an amazing feeling to be wearing it. Apparently in pictures, I have a sassy look on my face (according to the guy, derpy according to Le Brother) but honestly it’s because I am LOVING it and totally feeling myself. Just not having the frizzy tangled ends is all it took to be 10000000% more confident. But it’s not like people noticed before – Mr. Upset cos I wouldn’t kiss him was all up in my face and hair and didn’t even notice it wasn’t real – and that was after 4 years of wearing. Amazing!

So – I’ve made my investment in my hair, Doris has been retired to household wearing (the new one is snug and sometimes I just want to hang out without anything but want something to throw on quick if I’m going to the kitchen or something) for comfort. She’s still around but not full-time.

10 thoughts on “Doris’ Retirement

    • Oh right on!! I’ve considered going non-custom because it’s sooooo much less expensive but I want the continuity that this quality gives me. Especially going into a professional environment in September.

      And thank you!!! Omg I’m totally in love with it and can’t stop taking selfies haha

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