It’s been a week

And I’m pretty much settled in.

This week has been a slight adjustment for a few things

1 – I moved. We all should have known that. Last Saturday I left my home of the last three years (even though I’ve had a few different locations and rooms) and started out on my own. This is like the first time since I was 23 that I am fully responsible for all the expenses of an adult life. I’ve been truly blessed by God’s graces to have jobs that provide housing, even if they don’t pay well. At least the housing was taken care of and the rest could be budgeted.

Settling into my new place has been pretty easy. My roommate is relaxed and nice. He’s helpful. He’s also 49. Lol His birthday was yesterday. So there’s a huge age gap, but I think living with a guy is better when he’s that much older than I am. He’s mature and responsible, quiet and clean. A good roommate so far. The people upstairs with the toddler who likes to run around like a little elephant at 10:30 at night are a different story….

I have my route to work figured out. I take my old route to work, and a new one home from work. It’s much easier to deal with subway transfers at a super busy station at 1 pm instead of 8 am.

2 – I had a pretty huge purchase and investment happen last week. But that’s a post for tomorrow. Doris has retired. Hopefully that means something to you.

3 – I am no longer sleeping on a mattress on the floor! YAY Post coming soon.

4 – I have started my nanny series on Channillo. Once I finished all the chapters for my online dating series, I wanted to take a break before starting this new series. It’s called The Modern Nanny. The first chapter is available now, but it’s just the info for it. It wasn’t very well done, but the other chapters will have a little more attention. I’ll be combining the releases together so you don’t get one on Saturday AND Monday. I think that’s a little much. BUT on my Twitter account there will be two different posts.

5 – I got to spent almost all of yesterday with the Toddler!! He’s the one I was a nanny for last summer. He’s 4 now and I missed him SOOO much! His parents took the new baby (now 10 months old) out to do some errands and the Toddler and I stayed at the house and did all the things he can’t do when the baby is at home – like glue googlie eyes and play with Lego and just have solid one on one attention. His whole personality and energy changes when the baby enters the room to play. It was fascinating to see!

One of Toddler’s creations. I sent it to the guy and told him to step up his game because I was getting gifts from someone else.

I’ve only met the baby once, when she was 2 weeks old and sleeping, so yesterday was my first introduction to her new personality. She is CUTE. I’m apparently the baby whisperer for this family. Toddler didn’t stay with anyone but family until I met him. His parents were SO worried about him going to bed and behaving that they checked in many times during my first babysitting night last June. He was fine. Then yesterday, the mom said the baby doesn’t like anyone but her (not even the dad if mom is in sight haha) but after about 5 minutes in the same room as me, she reached for me and was good for about 20 minutes, allowing the mom time to blow dry her hair and get changed and just chill out for a bit. She even slept the whole time they were out for dinner which apparently never happens.

So it’s been a pretty good week! I’m starting to stress a little about my September job. But I’m trying to hold off on that stress. I’ll have a whole week after finishing my summer job before teacher orientation to stress lol. I have to buy supplies though (duotangs etc) so I’ll be doing that this week I hope.

It’s the last long weekend of the summer here in Canada before Labour Day. I’m going to be taking it easy, scheduling some posts, prepping for my week, and going to Casa Loma after lunch. Hope y’all had a good weekend!

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