Saturday Questions #49

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Don’t worry, I won’t ask anyone here to change their beliefs. Phoebe is safe. But this week I am tasked with writing one page about my beliefs.

To be honest, I really don’t know where to focus this, so I’m just going to throw it all down and we’ll see where it goes.

First of all, my faith: I believe in Christianity. I do have a degree in religions and cultures but my faith has always stayed firm in Christianity. I doubt that will ever change.

I believe that human kind is, by nature, kind. But we are influenced by our surroundings and families and friends and situations to grow into the vastly different temperaments that surround us.

I believe that every child should feel loved. I don’t care if it’s by their biological parents or not, but every single child should feel loved. And if they don’t have that at home, then it’s the job of those closest to the child to help fill that void. I have a rule that I will never deny a child a hug. If a child comes to me to hug me, I will always hug them. I won’t initiate hugs (especially once I start as a teacher, because law suits) but I will definitely never deny a child one who is seeking that comfort.

I also believe this does not count if the child is soaking wet from a water park and just wants to see water spots on my orange pants. But I will still hug them.

I believe that women need to love themselves more, that men should feel the ability to be vulnerable more, and that children should be raised to value their worth in society as contributing members to it.

I believe children need to be outside more and not on technology as much. That parents need to be more active in raising their children today and not just reply on technology to quiet them or provide entertainment.

And, since I was talking to the guy about my Saturday Questions last night, he would like me to say that I believe that he is right 99.10079% of the time. Yes. That EXACT number. He’s a dork.

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