Here’s all the dirt on my move!

Saturday was the day that I was moving. I was up at 6:30 because the other people where I used to live were awake and making noise. I was so happy that it was the last time I would have to be around them.

I was just puttering around, and trying to get the last things packed up, and the guy asked if I had time for a call “before we start our days” because I was moving my entire life and he was helping his mom unpack because she just moved recently. So we spent about 30 minutes talking and chatting. It was a great way to start my day!

I picked up the van with no problems and by the time my friend arrived to help me, I had all the boxes out of my suite and moved to either the bottom of the stairs or the landing in the middle of the stairs for easier transport. I also had my mattress, box spring and bed frame all standing up and ready to go. I had swept out my entire place, dusted a little, taken pictures and sent them to my nanny family so they could show the space to their new potential nanny, had my call with the guy, and picked up the van. All by 10am!

Then the moving started. The chiro clinic in the basement was open on Saturday which meant that when I brought the van back, the drive way was FULL of lots of cars. I had to park three houses away. First, my friend and I moved the three pieces of my bed and a few heavy things. I knew he didn’t want to stay the whole day (he asked why the guy wasn’t helping me) so I figured I’d get the heavy awkward things out of the way quickly.

We got to my new place and the frame wouldn’t go down the stairs. No biggie, I didn’t take it apart because I didn’t want to have to deal with it but I’d just get a screw driver and do that later. I needed my friend to help with the mattress and box spring. That was the whole reason I wasn’t moving by myself. We tried the box spring, and no luck. It wouldn’t fit down the stairs. We got the mattress in! THANK GOODNESS! So the other two pieces are outside. I had to order a new bed frame because I needed one that wasn’t evil and old and that had supports on it so that the mattress didn’t fall through it. I found a nice one from Walmart and it arrives tomorrow. I can’t wait to get off the floor!

After getting the mattress downstairs, and the last few items from the van, we headed back to my old place. We were lucky enough to get the van in the drive way and right up next to the door. In less than 20 minutes we had everything else packed into the van. It filled the whole space in one layer. It was great.

I took my friend out for lunch to thank him for his help, and then we parted ways. I took the van back to my new place and unloaded (just as it started raining) and met my new roommate. He seems nice. A little particular, but nice. He’s a “every thing is separate” type of person, so like we don’t even share the garbage bins in the kitchen. Had to do a little bit of a shop on Sunday to get a few things I wasn’t expecting to need…

One last trip to my old place to get my food and I would be done! Before heading upstairs to get the food, I went straight into the clinic to book myself a chiropractic adjustment. It’s on Thursday and I need it so badly! The kidlet’s dad was there and at the end I said I was just grabbing my last things and then I’d be gone. He stood up and gave me a big hug (with me protesting that I was all sweaty and gross) and I almost started crying. He’s not an easy guy to form a bond with so it was really touching.

I dropped the van off, picked up some food for dinner to add to my bag of condiments and frozen veggies I took from my old place, and then I went home.

Saturday I almost had everything unpacked, but by Sunday it was complete. I have the room set up mostly how I think I’ll keep it. A little fiddling here and there. And like I said, I am so excited about my bed frame arriving tomorrow!

So there ya have it! I’ve made my transition to the next phase, and now I just have to keep reminding myself that I have to actually carry keys with me LOL

4 thoughts on “Moving

    • I would if it was a little newer, but it’s like over 15 years old LOL it came with my bed (so I probably need a new bed…) and when I was trying to take out the screws to fold it down, the metal of the screw felt like playdough because the screw driver was literally changing the shape of the groove. Cutting through it like butter. It’s time for a new one. Plus, it’s nothing special. It’s just metal beams that have lost a few pieces along the way, and a piece has broken off here or there. And it fell on my head while I was trying to fold it down on Saturday. It’s plotting against me!!


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