Nail Art Sunday: New Digs

I don’t know how I’m going to keep up my nail posts, but we’ll see!

Yesterday was moving day for me, and after a little bit of struggle and frustration, a tiny bit of pain, and almost some tears, I am in my new place and am like 95% unpacked.

One of the things that I got unpacked early (because I’m paranoid about the acetone leaking) was all my nail stuff. I was able to fit in all into one small suitcase, which made it easier to transport and I knew where everything was. Before It took up three different shelves on a bookcase, and now it only occupies one shelf!

The shelf above is full, but the one below is only about half full so when I get more things, I still have space for them.

I sent this picture to my brother yesterday and he commented that the foamy blocks take up so much space, and I totally agree! They do! I want to figure out a system that works to keep them organized and safe. The gel polish is shipped in these little trays (with a matching top) so it’s just been easier to keep them all snug as a bug in their little pockets. But I might get one of those carriers that has little spaces for like 48 bottles. But right now that’s not on the shopping list!

As for my regular nail posts: I will keep doing my nails, but I’m just not sure how I will set it up for filming. I know for sure I don’t want to go back to posting pictures – it’s just so much easier to do the videos.

10 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: New Digs

    • I could stack them now! I’ve done that before, but I like having the ability to just go down the rows to find the number of the bottle that I need haha. Makes my life so much easier. Or it would if the numbers would stop falling off LOL I’ll have to take the time to bust out a permanent marker and just write on the caps.


  1. Yay that you are in and mostly unpacked. Hope all goes well settling in with your new flatmate. And that nail polish holder does look pretty cool…

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    • He seems ok so far – 49, which was a lot older than I guessed when I saw him for 2 seconds 6 weeks ago 😂 he’s very much in favour of everything being separate so that was a little jarring right away but now it’s all good!


      • I think totally separate is a good thing when moving in with someone you don’t know. Otherwise you could find yourself being taken advantage of (eg buying the expensive brand and finding all that’s left is their cheap one etc).

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