Saturday Questions #48

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The last thing that I celebrated would be my cousin’s wedding. It was three weeks ago now and I was so happy to see her get married! I had met her now husband once and he is really great. They make a good couple.

That was the last big thing I celebrated. Yesterday I celebrated the graduation of 16 of my 17 students from the summer camp. Some where with me for three weeks, some for two, and some for less. It has been such a great experience working with them and teaching them! Even though I felt like I was being so mean to them, they still were so sweet at the end. I left while they were still all saying goodbye to each other (signing flags, taking pictures, etc) and I got a huge “WE LOVE YOU T!!! THANK YOU!!!” and they all clapped and cheered as I walked down the hall away from my class. It was so sweet. I’ll miss them!

Yesterday, I also celebrated finishing packing! Like all I have left are a few odds and ends. I’m breaking my personal promise to only do these posts on Saturday to write this post on Friday. I wanted to get it done and out of the way so that it still goes out on time.

Saturday is my moving day and I want to have it go as smoothly as possible. So on Saturday (today) I will be celebrating moving to my own place! And getting away from the over the top annoying home stay children who are currently in my nanny family’s house. Tomorrow will be a good day! Even if it’s just that I don’t have to hear these stupid children jumping around like what is happening while I am writing this. I have no idea why the adults that are with them aren’t doing anything about it. So frustrated over them. But by the time you are all reading this I will be awake and getting everything moved to the lower level so I can pick up my moving van and I won’t have to deal with them any more! So I’m going to celebrate that!

What have you celebrated lately?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #48

  1. Have fun moving! Really…make it fun. Congrats on your new adventures. What have I celebrated lately? Made two sales in my Creative Memories business and had a special order for some thank you cards. Not a million dollars but a start.


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