A very Canadian Encounter

I’m always surprised at just how Canadian people can be in Canada.

Yesterday, while doing my daily commute to work, I was having a pretty good time. Caught a nice bus that wasn’t over crowded, the subway was decently packed but not like sardines, and I would arrive at work my regular 40 minutes early so I could set up and call the guy for our regular morning phone call.

Well, then it happened! My stop arrived and I was getting ready to exit the subway train. I was a few people back from the door and I like to hold onto the bar for as long as possible. I’m still not super steady as the trains come to a stop.

Anyway, so the train stops and I drop my hand just as the lady sitting in front of me starts to stand up. She is holding a coffee with a straw sticking out of it. My hand hits her straw and the whole thing smashes to the floor!

I’m mortified!

The whole train goes “oooooooo” as she grabs her cup and I grab the lid and we both get off the train before the doors close and moves onto the next stop.

I throw the lid away and wait for her by the side. “I am sooo sorry!!! Can I buy you another coffee?”

She throws her cup away, “Definitely not! It was my fault!”

“No really, I hit it out of your hand, I’d really like to buy you another coffee”

“No, really, it wasn’t your fault, I should have been more careful. Are you burnt?”

“No, I’m fine”

“Ok! Deep breath, fluff it off, and let’s both have a good day”

And that was it lol she went her way, and I went mine. I can honestly say I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more Canadian exchange. I’m glad she was so pleasant about it. It already ruined my day with guilt enough that if she was really upset I would have felt even worse! I got to work and called the guy being all “omg I just ruined someone’s day!” And he mocked me for a few minutes (like he does) and then assured me it was fine lol which it really was. But I still feel my obligatory Canadian guilt over spilling someone’s Tim Hortons all over the floor of the subway and then having all the rest of the people have to stand in spilled coffee haha! Riding home the floor of the subway car had coffee stains on it so it was like it was mocking me as well 🤦‍♀️

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