IMHOTI Chapter 8

Chapter 8 for my web series I met him on the Internet is now live! You can read it here.

But also, BIG NEWS y’all!

As of last night, I have finished writing!! It’s just under 21,000 words and I am so happy that I was given the Channillo platform to showcase my story. There are 21 chapters and the last one will be available in October.

On Channillo you don’t get paid until you reach a total of $50 (and authors have the choice to be paid or to donate their earnings to charity), but since I was updating my content last night, I decided to check my stats and in my first month of being on the site, I have 4 subscribers and have earned $1.49!! So I obviously haven’t been paid yet, but I have made money!! For my writing!! WHHHAAAAATTTTTT I find that so crazy!

I hope that as more chapters get posted, I’ll gain more subscribers. I think the chapters get more interesting as they go on, and I hope my subscribers do too.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Channillo yet, I strongly suggest that you do. A subscription is only $4.99 a month and you have access to as many series as you want to subscribe to. You even get your first month free! FREE!! Who doesn’t love free stuff? And, probably the best reason, you are supporting writers, like me. I mean, you don’t have to go and read my series (but like I’d love you forever if you did!) but everyone on there has a dream to be a paid writer and Channillo is offering them the chance to do just that. Authors get 80% of the subscription fee for those who subscribe to their series. I think it’s a great platform and an amazing site.

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