And just like that

I was scammed!

Okies so here is my story!

On Monday I got a text from my bank saying my account had a fraud alert on it but I was all “pfft scam” and I deleted it. I wasn’t going to click the link because if it was a scammer, I didn’t want them to have access. That’s a thing right?!

Then today I was trying to book a rental car for Saturday. The website wasn’t working yesterday and the reservation wouldn’t go through today so I thought it was website problems and then I just called and made a reservation that way. And they just asked for my name and phone number and that was it. No credit card confirmation.

Then, tonight, I was at a free admission night at a museum with the guy (more on that later) and he had some things to get done after so he just dropped me where I could catch my bus home and we parted ways. But coming home, I was super hungry and wanting food so I was trying to order something quick on Uber eats while I was walking the last little bit to my place and the app rejected my card. That was what set me off. I remembered the fraud text from Monday and started to freak out! What about my car rental?!

I got home and called the bank and that text from Monday WASN’T fraud haha they put a hold on my account. Nothing was charged but $6000 was attempted and $1 on iTunes after that lol I guess they were trying something smaller to see if it would go through? but neither of them actually went through. I always keep that card at a zero balance and it’s still at zero.

So they are sending a new card by courier and it will arrive on Friday because I told the lady I couldn’t wait 7-10 business days because I’ll need it for my car rental on Saturday. Thank goodness I caught it today!! Can you imagine if I didn’t catch it and then I went to pick up my car on Saturday and the card didn’t work?! I would die! I have an appointment that I just can’t miss (more on that later). I know I should have called on Monday but I’m glad I didn’t because they would have sent my new card in regular mail which would have taken 7-10 business days and I hadn’t booked this appointment yet so I didn’t know that I would need a car so quickly. It was very last minute and if I reschedule it might be a month out so yeah not good but also very good.

Have you ever been a victim of this?! I will be watching my accounts much more closely from now on.

17 thoughts on “And just like that

  1. Sadly yes. It was many years ago (ummm, 20). Our credit card was used to purchase things in the US (and this was before online shopping was really a thing). Turns out we were caught up in a fraud ring where the criminals generated credit card numbers using some algorithm to make fake cards or something. Anyways, they were in the US and we are in Oz.

    We had to cancel our card (no access to our bank account which was tricky) and the FBI emailed us some stuff we had to fill out. I can’t remember how much money was involved (wasn’t as much as $6000 though), or even if we ever got the money back.

    Glad it worked out okay for you T.

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    • oh WOW! That’s insane! When I got this card a few years ago, I basically told them that any purchase over $200 probably wasn’t going to be me. I only got it for renting cars because I had another card but now it’s my only card. My dad had someone purchase airline tickets on his card a few years ago. He called and the card was replaced and he received the money back as well.


  2. Yes, my card number was stolen from one of those machines they have on the tables in restaurants here in the states where you can pay for your meal or play games while you wait for your food. Fortunately the bank caught it right away and declined the charges.

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    • Amazing! While we were waiting to make sure the card was sent out via courier, I asked how to know if they text was actually a scam or not and where this might have happened. She said that going to sites that are unsecured could be the issue or not having a specific type of wallet. But I never buy anything off of unsecured websites but I do use at least one for streaming lol could they have gotten my info just from that? I have no idea lol

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      • Yeah, you need to have an RFID wallet/handbag or even credit card pocket. What they do is stop your credit card details from being skimmed. If you don’t have it someone with a skimmer can collect your card details when they pass you in the mall, sit behind you on the bus…

        I have an RFID pocket for my credit card, but am thinking of getting an RFID handbag so I don’t have to worry about anything.

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    • Dang!! I’m glad that you got it back! It is a scary thing to happen. One of the homestay students had it happen about two months ago and she was almost in tears over the like $400 they took from her account but she realized right away she did something wrong and immediately changed her banking password and stuff but they could still use her card. So we called together and she got it sorted out and the money was returned as well.

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  3. Wow, glad you caught that in time for the weekend! My daughter had a charge, and had to cancel her debit card. Problem was, she moved to another area of our state, and the credit union required her to come in person to get a new card! She couldn’t very well drive 7 hours to get one! So, right before she cancelled it she withdrew cash, and was able to move money from her acct. to mine to pay a bill. She was able to get a new card later, when she came to town on other business. I can’t believe that policy, “in person.” What if you are on vacation? Makes me rethink having an acct. with a local credit union. Maybe a big bank with nation branches is better.
    On the other note… a guy who has “things to do” and leaves you at a bus stop? Hmmm… as a 60+ woman I say, “Nope.”

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    • I’m very glad I caught it too! I will be waiting by the window for the UPS truck tomorrow afternoon!

      And I arrived by bus, I anticipate going home the exact same way. He’s not my driver lol


  4. I read the first sentence “ I was scammed ! “ and literally shook my head saying oh no lol. I am glad whoever tried to scam you was not successful. Enjoy your weekend! ✨

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