A Settled Routine

I’ve been teaching the teenagers for just over a week now, and we have settled into a really nice classroom environment.

The two students who I wrote about last Tuesday in Ugh continued to annoy me for the rest of the week. Those two were a boy and a girl. But I think the girl is hardcore crushing on the boy because he was reading something and she was just sitting there taking pictures of him. It was kind of cute, but still annoying because like girl, focus on work!!

On Friday, we were told that a large Brazilian group had arrived and that we would be getting new students. I only had room for like one or two more but my students were very much against having anyone else added in, they all said our class was perfect.

On Friday, I had a horrible day with the boy who always gives me problems. I had to stop SO MANY TIMES and wait for him and he argued with me in front of the whole class so many times. Like it was just too much. So after class, after he said he loved the class so much and everyone didn’t want anyone new to come in, I asked one of the main coordinators to move him when the Brazilians came. It seemed like a good chance to do it since then we would have more of a mix in the class and it would be easy to explain away and not hurt his feelings.

I kind of felt bad about it all weekend. Like he’s a really nice kid and he’s sweet and participates and all that, but he’s just so stressful all the time! So Monday morning rolls around and I get my new class list and he had been moved. But he was the only one who was moved. Which made it a little awkward when I had to tell him he was changing rooms. He got so upset!! He was almost crying and wanting to know why he was being moved because this was his second time being moved. He said he was learning in the first class and then they moved him to my class and then he was learning well in my class and now they are moving him again.

So I told him that it wasn’t personal and that it was the coordinators choice based on what she needs for the camp and he left in a really bad mood. The coordinator met him because we couldn’t find the right room and he gave her MAJOR attitude over the change and then he was saying he wanted to come back and she told him that he was giving me too many problems. During our first break, I get a text from her asking me to come down to talk with her. He met me in the hall as I was going down and I was a little surprised to hear that she told him I was having lots of problems with him. This was apparently new information to him. Like dude, seriously? She said that he really wanted to come back and what did I think about that?

Anyway, she said to come and meet with her and the boy after all the classes were done for the day and we’d discuss it then. And that he could come back as long as he behaved and if she heard even the smallest complaint from me he was out. But he never showed up and today he didn’t say anything. But now instead of having 16 students, I have 18. But the ones who are left are really great. Like it’s a good group and we have fun together. Tomorrow we are going to do some outdoor activities and I bought them all freezies and enough for the class we are going out with too.

On top of this, I’m also supplying in the afternoons for the main campus. Last week I did 4 afternoons, and this week so far I’ve only done one, but every little bit helps! LOL The more classes I teach, the more money I earn. And the more exhausted I am, which means the less blogging I do, but I think I might be starting to adjust. A little bit haha. Maybe not so much because as I type this my eyes are getting heavy and I can barely stay awake.

2 thoughts on “A Settled Routine

  1. What, there are consequences for my actions! Jeepers. Ah well, at least it isn’t a full day class with them. And good prep for when you get your full time class =)

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