Vogue Parody Blogger Recognition

Last week, I was so nicely nominated by a few people for a few things.

First of all, Becky from Strikeout & Sprinkles nominated me for a blogger recognition award. And then Suzi from My Colourful Life hit me up for a Vogue Party!

Now, because my life is basically “wake up, work, home, sleep, repeat” I haven’t had the time to do either of these lovely ladies’ awards so I’m going to do both right now.

For Becky, she asks to give a short history of my blog and two pieces of advice for bloggers.

Well my blog started almost four years ago while I was trying to figure out my life. I was going through some transitions and I needed a safe, private place to vent and sort my thoughts. And then I started to take blogging courses and it has grown from there.

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers: 1) interact with other bloggers. Like other posts, leave comments, let people know that you are there. They will usually reciprocate the effort. 2) don’t ignore those who interact with your blog. So many times I have left a comment on someone’s blog and I just never get a like or a comment back and sure that happens sometimes, but if a person is taking time out of their schedule to interact with your blog, out of the millions of other blogs that are there, at least acknowledge that you have seen that effort. If I comment on someone’s blog more than once (usually like 3-5 is my limit) and I get no “they liked your comment” or a reply, I’ll just stop and unfollow the blog.

Suzi’s is a little more complicated. Her Vogue Party asks 73 questions about the blogger. I’m super exhausted right now so I’m not sure how much of an effort I’ll take to answering all of them, but we’ll try!

1)What is your usual Starbucks order?  I don’t really go to Starbucks, but a white mocha

2) What does your work station look like right now?  Don’t have one

3) All-time favorite food? UGH I hate this question lol I don’t really have one

4) Favorite Author? Jane Austen

5)What do you think of open relationships?  That they don’t really work. Jealousy usually ends things

6) What is your favorite video game?  Don’t play them

7) Guilty Pleasure treat? Bold BBQ doritos

8) Favorite Movie?  I don’t really have one right now.

9) Favorite book? Ella Enchanted

10) Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

11) Desktop or laptop?  Laptop!

12) Best advice you’ve ever received?  Good, better, best. Next let it rest. Until your good becomes better, and your better is the best!

13) What project are you working on right now?  a cross stitch blanket and packing up my apartment haha

14) Favorite color?  pink/yellow/orange

15) Did you get good grades at school?  yeah they were decent

16) Dream job?  Children’s book writer

17) Played any sports?  Nopes

18) Do you have a degree?  I technically have three!

19) Nationality?  Canadian

20) What is your favorite kind of blog post to do?  I like all sorts. Lately I’ve been loving doing my nail posts again

21) What do you like to collect? I try not to collect things it’s just a waste of space but many hippos seem to make their way into my house

22) Describe yourself in three words?  Sassy, creative, patient

23) If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be? Ew I wouldn’t be a rapper

24) Who was the last person you DM’d? What counts as a DM? like does a text count? Then my bestest

25) What is on the top of your wish list right now?  Acrylic nail powder/liquid to start to learn how to do nails

26) Sorting house?  Hufflepuff

27) How many tattoos do you have? 5

28) What are you most grateful for this year?  the chance to get into a full time teaching job!

29) What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?  I actually called about getting a new wig and it’s gonna happen!

30) What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? See number 29

31) What’s the best thing ever?  getting a text from someone just because

32) Favorite season?  Autumn!

34) What fictional character do you relate to the most?  Another one of the questions that I hate

35) Do you like surprises? Not particularly

36) What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?  I have no idea

37) What’s the surprise that made you cry?  umm…no idea

38) What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given someone?  I came home from Korea for a vacation without telling my mom cos it was a week after her birthday so everyone knew but her

39) Do you like muffins?  Meh – they are alright I guess

40) Do you cook often?  Yes!

41) What’s your favorite dessert?  Cheesecake

42) Is there a dessert you don’t like?  Apple or pumpkin pie. GROSS

43) Cake or pie? Cake

44) What’s your least favorite food?  Fish

45) What’s your favorite condiment? umm ketchup? It depends?

46) It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat? Nothing, I am sleeping.

47) If you could teach a college class what would it be called?  How to do your own nails

48) Best animated film?  I don’t know

49) What has a guy (or girl) done or said to impress you?  I just like to feel like they are thinking about me, so it can be that we haven’t talked for hours but they are going to bed and just say “good night, sweet dreams” or something cute

50) The best thing to do on a date?  Something low key where you can talk. I like board game cafes!

51) The worst thing to do on a date?  Sit in silence. I’ve done it, it sucked. Ended relationship very quickly after.

52) What is the funniest pick-up line a guy/girl could use on a girl/guy?  bleh I don’t know?!

53) Best comic book character?  I don’t read comic books lol

54) What are three things that are always in your purse?  lip chap, cloth for my glasses, cough candies

55) Favorite drink?  Does water count? lol

56) If you could play a historical character who would it be? Play how? for what? Why?

57) Kittens or puppies?  Puppies

58) Favorite sushi roll?  Hate to be *that person* but sushi isn’t a roll lol BUT I love tempura shrimp maki rolls 😉

59) What kind of lipstick do you use? Katy Perry’s for covergirl. The matte ones. Love love love!

60) What kind of foundation do you use?  None

61) Blow dry or air dry? Air dry natural hair and wig!

62) Who is your fashion icon?  No one

63) Favorite Disney character?  Ariel

64) What are you doing tomorrow?  Going to work mostly.

65) Movie you laughed the hardest through?  22 Jump Street?

66) A movie that made you cry?  Omg so many! I’m such a sap!

67) If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be?  John Legend

68) If your life were a song what would the title be?  Bad at Love lol

69) Favorite animal?  hippo!

70) Favorite illustrator?  No idea

71) The person you want to have coffee with? The guy

72) What’s the country you wish to visit? Spain

73) Best ways to decompress?  Not doing these questions LOL omg there were so many!! Blogging helps me decompress 😀

So there ya have it! Thank you Becky and Suzi for taking the time to nominate me and for thinking of me when doing these on your own blog. If anyone wants to answer some, or all, of these questions, feel free to do so in a post on your own blog or in the comment section below!

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