Nail Art Sunday: Surprise!

I am keeping my promise and am ready to share my surprise with you!

I did my nails yesterday and I made a little video for you. My lemons from last week lasted so long but then I started to pick at them, which is my downfall. I have this obsession with picking at the edges and corners of my nails. I will try my HARDEST to keep that in check. I was half asleep in this video so half the time I don’t make any sense, but whatever. I’m sure you guys are used to that.

Here is my inspiration picture:

I couldn’t decide what to do so I sent my bestest two pictures and she said both were really pretty so I asked the guy “blue or pink” and after he actually asked what it was for, and I kind of explained the shades of blue and pink, he picked blue. I think mostly because he had no idea what “kinda corally kinda baby pink ish with a hint of orange sort of” meant.

So, here ya go! The nail art surprise is at the start, and then the simple design at the end, where I used gel polish and regular polish.

And then here is the final product!

Pretty close, huh?!!?! I love it! Actually got a “sexy” from the guy so I guess they can stay 😉 Please ignore the horrible state of my cuticles! They are in need of some tender love and care lol

12 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Surprise!

  1. I assume the little device sands your nail? I have one of them for my dog *grin*. He hates having his nails done and when he hears the click of the nail scissors he screams (he’s part poodle and it has to be described as a scream – howl just doesn’t do it justice). Mind you, he doesn’t really like the sander either.

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    • Haha! Yeah it’s an electronic nail file – used mostly for shaping and filing fake nails so you don’t have to do it by hand. Faster and easier than a regular file. And if you have fake nails and use nail polish on them, you just file the polish off and put on a new colour hehe


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