And then there was FIRE

So last night, I was sitting on my couch minding my own business and watching some show on my laptop. Then I heard this really loud bang noise. It was weird, but like the traffic by my house makes all sorts of noises so I ignored it. Sometimes just a transport going by will shake my place so I’ve learned to let those things go. Even if it sounds strange.

But then the shouting happen. Oh man the shouting! But there is a bus stop literally right in front of my office window so, again, I’m used to it. It was 10pm on a Friday, probably drunken people or teens. But, because I’m nosy, I went to my bedroom window and looked out.



Flipped upside down and flames going everywhere and people shouting “GET AWAY FROM THE CAR!!” As if some people were actually stupid enough to be walking up to the car.

I immediately called 911, which I’m sure everyone else on the street was doing because I was looking out a different window and saw many people on their phones and the person was asking me all the routine questions like “is there anyone in the car” and all my answers were “I don’t know, I’m inside” and he knew that I was and wasn’t expecting me to go out but he has to ask. Thanks dude for being calm and doing a great job.

Just as he was finishing up, the fire trucks arrived which was awesome. And then I decided to take a little video. You can hear me kind of gasp in the middle, something was popping in the flames. But the firefighters had it under control.

Then I text my boss cos the gate outside my window was open and I just wanted her to know what had happened just incase she saw it on the news and then wanted to know why I didn’t tell her. About 10 minutes later I hear the front door go “door open” and I think it’s just her but it’s her AND all 4 kidlets! They were driving home from shopping and saw the accident and came over to drop shopping supplies and to see what had happened.

So I got to see my kids for about an hour, and talk all about the crash and what I heard and saw and I shared my video. And then I was outside in my pj’s with them for a little bit. Eventually it just ended up being like Dane Cook’s routine:

So after a little mingling and people talking we figured out what happened, the car on fire hit this blue car

And then the car that was on fire flipped three times up the hill, leaving pieces of the car flying EVERYWHERE, like the exhaust was on the other side of the partition, and then it landed on its roof and caught on fire.

I have no idea if there were survivors or what else happened, but at 12:30 when the scene was finally cleaned up, this was what was taken away:

So of course, I uploaded pictures and videos to Instagram and Twitter and Facebook lol! What a golden age to have something like this happen. I’ve been trying to find some news on it ever since I woke up but apparently it didn’t make the news? If you can find it, I’d love to read the actual reported details.

So that was my Friday night! How was yours?

18 thoughts on “And then there was FIRE

    • Yes good scary! Lol such a great way to explain it!

      And Nopes! I move in two weeks. Just packed up all my books into a suitcase. The first thing I’ve packed lol my guy keeps bugging me about it so I can finally say I have started to pack, and he’ll tease me now that I’m going to turn into an adult since I did a grown up thing lol

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    • I honestly don’t think they were. I still haven’t been able to find any news reports on it but my guy said he might have heard it on the radio this morning, and if it was the same accident then both drivers died


      • 😔 I hope they went quickly then. Fire is a terrible way to go. I remember flipping through channels one day when USA was airing reruns of SVU, and a woman’s abusive husband had torched her. I will never forget her scream as the burn unit scrubbed her skin and a camera moved backward down the hall away from her room. And that was acting! 😢

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        • Oh wow!! I can’t even imagine how that feels. The car flipped so many times and was totally destroyed before landing. Like so much of the car was all over the road. And I can’t remember hearing any ambulances speeding off after they got here either. It’s so strange that I can’t find any news on it


          • That is really weird. Maybe they’re still trying to get in touch with next-of-kin before they report it. (What your guy heard may have been a simple “there was a crash tonight, blah blah blah, we’ll have more details later” kind of thing.)

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  1. Woahhh this was like a real life TV show happening outside your house. Except on the TV show you’d be connected to the car crash somehow, but disguise yourself as an innocent bystander. Haha sorry, this took a turn. Glad you’re ok!

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    • LOL that did take a little bit of a turn! It was so crazy that it was happening! But I’m glad I’m ok too 🙂 Still haven’t been able to find any news on it which is making me really angry but I think I need to give up searching for it lol

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      • You’d think that something that big would be picked up by a news station on the police transmitter. You could’ve been interviewed for it. Unless they’re trying to cover it up! (Again, sorry this took a turn lol)

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