Nail Art Sunday: Mellow Yellow

A little bit of yellow to go with the brightness of summer!

So it was like a massive chore to try to find yellow polish. I even asked the girl who waxes my face because she also does nails too! And she was going to order me some if I couldn’t find any, but I found ONE shade of yellow. It wasn’t the shade that I wanted, and it doesn’t really go well with my skin tone but I didn’t know that until after I bought it. And there is always the possibility of mixing colours.

And that’s what I did for this design. I wanted to do this beautiful yellow and grey bow design for my cousin’s wedding (yesterday):

And I had grown out my nails for two months in preparation. But then, a week before I was set to do this design, every single nail on my right hand ripped off. I am SO angry!!

But that’s ok! Because we are flexible and not easily defeated over here at NLFF! I ended up just doing a simple yellow design with a grey accent nail. I used some nail stickers to add a lemon to each grey nail, because my dress has lemons on it, and then I also put the word “lemon” on one of the nails. When I was trying to get the word off the sticker paper, it ripped in half and I was all OMG NO!!! But then I said to myself, and I knew it was me because it was my voice, “calm yourself girl! You go this!” and, honestly, I did have this. I placed the first two letters which had ripped off, and then the last three were added on after. They lined up really well! And since there was the rip, I was able to kind of curve the letters more than they originally were and it looks super cute.

Here is the video of my mixing colours and the final outcome. Quite possibly my shortest video ever, coming in under 8 minutes, but my battery was dying and I didn’t want to chat you guys up too much about random things like I usually do:

In the video I didn’t have the words on the nail, so here is the final reveal picture of what my nails looked like right before the top coats! Yes, coats, I did two.

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