Saturday Questions #45

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Five weird things that I enjoy…

  1. Pineapple on burgers: This just started about a month ago actually – I was at church helping to prep for the Father’s Day brunch and some of the workers were there for quite a while so one of the ladies made hamburgers for everyone to eat. And then she opened a tin of pineapple, heated it in a frying pan and told us to try it on the burgers. And it tasted SO GOOD! Like it would probably be better grilled on a bbq but still! YUM
  2. The smell of gasoline (but only for like a minute or so)
  3. The smell of a candle as soon as you blow it out
  4. Eating cereal with just yogurt – seriously! Try it!! Something hard like cherrios, and a spoonful of yogurt with them.
  5. The satisfaction of cracking all my knuckles in one go and then wiggling my fingers to loosen them up

So how about you? What are five weird things that you enjoy?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #45

  1. I like cereal with yogurt too! I like my cereal crunchy. I also love pineapple on my burgers, especially with some teriyaki sauce! I hate the sound of cracking knuckles and my kids crack their necks too! I’ve always liked dunking cookies or donuts in my coffee but I can’t really think of anything else too weird.

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  2. Pineapple on burgers is the norm in Oz. Yumbo! And I like yoghurt on cereal, but usually with milk as well (unless it’s muesli and then just yoghurt is fine if it has berries mixed in. But petrol, ugh and I HATE the sound of fingers cracking, so no to that one. Don’t mind candles.

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