Hello…it’s me…

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I’m finally able to just sit and write for you guys. I honestly didn’t realize that it’s been almost a week since I posted until this morning when I was checking my notifications.

I’m starting to settle into my summer routine, which is a little weird but it’s ok.

Work as a nanny is over, as you know. My last day, the kids and their parents came over around 9 pm and they brought cake and a cute little grey sparkly hippo with them and we had a little time together. I was going to do a whole post about my last day, but I’ve decided to just leave it at that.

I’ve started my new job as well. The first week or two apparently are a little stressful and eventful trying to get the summer camp up and running. It’s not like a regular summer camp so don’t get all excited that I’m doing that. It’s an ESL camp. So students (12-18) arrive in groups (up to 100 sometimes!) and then we give them oral tests and place them in their appropriate levels. They have a grammar class every morning from 840-9:30 and then from 9:40-12:20 it’s oral communication. The students stay in the same class for the whole time, and it’s a mixture of different backgrounds. At 1 they either have workshops or daily touristy activities. Some groups will stay a week, some a month, so students are always going in and out.

Monday was a test day but I wasn’t called in for that. Tuesday I went in for 7:50 and stayed until 11 doing testing. It was pretty easy. The student sits across from you and you ask them a few questions and based on their ability to answer you place them in a level. The last person I had was a full grown adult though! And tatted up from head to toe! He spoke almost perfect English and was from Brazil. I asked him when he arrived and started to fill out my evaluation sheet while he spoke, and he talked for like 2 minutes and I could have just let him go right then. He was the leader of his group and an ESL teacher back in Brazil. Like dude, you don’t need to be here. But the way he looked at me from across the desk, omg I was literally blushing. For no reason other than the fact that the boy was fine and he had a sexy accent and was staring deep into my soul with his browny-green eyes.

Anyway, so the next day I was asked to cover an afternoon workshop and I said yes. Money!! We only get paid for what we teach so any class I’m offered, I’m taking. And then late Tuesday night I was asked if I could pick up an oral communication class for Wednesday morning as well. Sure no problem.

So I get the books early Wednesday morning and find where I’m supposed to be, and then I get other teachers to help me set up the computer/projector thingy and I’m all set and I ask the class how far they got in the unit with the teacher the day before. One unit is supposed to last the whole week, but we have three 50-minute sessions each day with them. They said she had finished the entire unit!!! Like what?!?!!?

Thankfully the unit was on storytelling and I had brought a few books from home and I pulled them out and basically just winged the entire 2 hours and 50 minutes. It was a little bit of a struggle but I did it!

Then I covered that afternoon workshop for two 50-minute sessions and the teacher who usually teaches it was super organized and whoever she is I love her.

I was handing back in the supplies after and I was told that I get to keep the oral communication class. Which is nice because they are good kids and now I have a regular class which means money! But also sucks because I have to fill the rest of the week with things. Today we shared a little bit about stories from their home countries, and then we did a review of the material in the book, and then some tongue twisters, and then rehearsed some plays.

Tomorrow I have a little idea about what we’ll do:

I have this picture of a turtle with earth on it and they have to write a story, which is then the same picture to talk about Native American culture in Canada and a short video, and then musical chairs story time. And we need to present the plays as well. It’s a lot to plan for because they need to be in the talking mood to get into it.

Basically when I get home I’m just exhausted. Well, yesterday and today I was haha! Today I also went back to the school I’ll be teaching at in the fall and took a few pictures of my room. I should have done that when I went last week but whatever. It’s still in renovations but can we all just admit it’s the best, cutest classroom ever?

I did get clarification on my tattoos though! When I had my interview, I left without a clear answer in my mind about it. The VP was there and I spoke to her and she said that it’s really up to me. She sees no problem with them being shown, and as long as she’s not getting calls from parents it should be ok. She said not to stress over it. So I might just not cover them. My wrist ones at least.

So that’s my little, super long update. I have no excuse for not posting other than I have just been so tired haha. I hope you all are doing well! And Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! xoxo

21 thoughts on “Hello…it’s me…

    • Haha!! I have much older students for this class right now. Mostly early 20’s so I’m not sure how many Pokémon stories I will get but that would be super amazing! They seem to go really dark when I allow them to have free reign on their writing. It’s very surprising


  1. The arched windows are awesome. We have a littlies tv program here in Oz called Playschool. One of the games they play on the show is to choose a window. It used to be the round, square or arched window (but I believe they’ve added diamond now). The presenters would ask which window should we go through? As kids we’d all guess our favourite window and yell it at the tv. Then the presenter would say in a surprised tone, “It’s the [insert window here]” and the camera would focus on that window and go “through” it where we’d see something that other kids were doing (playing games, or craft or whatever).

    My favourite window was the arched window.

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  2. Hello again! Glad to see you’re still posting. And don’t worry if you fall a little behind with it, we know that sometimes life gets in the way 🙂 So glad that you like your classroom and your kids! Maybe sometime (soon!) we can hear more about this cute ESL Brazilian guy 🙂

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    • lol I’m sorry to disappoint but there will be no more about him! During our orientation we were told that under NO circumstances were we to go out with the students after classes for ANY reason. Which was all good because they should be all under 18 and I’m 32 so there’s no way. But even though he’s over 18 the rule still stands. And its not like he’d be staying here permanently. lol and many other reasons too haha!

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