Saturday Questions #44

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This is such a fitting question for this week. In the next year, I want to grow as a teacher. Obviously. I want to embrace my new role as an educator in a school and flourish. I want this to be a happy time, and I know it will be stressful but I don’t want it to be unhappy.

I know you know the difference haha.

I want to grow in m teaching skills, my abilities to connect with the students and other teachers, confidence in myself. All of those things and more.

How about you? How do you want to grow this year?

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #44

  1. Though I am itching to for some major changes in my life, I’ve decided that the best thing for me for the next year would be to stay where I am and make the most of it. So I’d like to have more of a work/life balance that is more than me wasting time on the internet, and I want to work on my mental and physical health because those have kind of taken a toll in the past year.

    P.S. unrelated, but a few weeks ago at a garage sale someone was selling a bunch of little hippo figurines and I thought of you!

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    • That’s a great place to focus on growth for the year! I think a lot of people forget that while growth in our job or finances is important, we also need to take the time for our mental growth too. Even as adults! I hope you find your balance 😊

      Awww!!! Yay!! Although what kind of person would SELL a hippo figurine? Lol


  2. Growth for the rest of this year…hmmm, not really any growth. I’d be happy for the crazy to settle and get my routine back into something more manageable. So really, the opposite of growth *grin*

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