Pieces falling into place

It’s been an exciting day!

I got the chance to go to my new school today. I have been waiting for my grade and subject assignment since February when I was offered the job. I knew I’d have to wait until the end of the school year so it wasn’t a shock to have to wait this long but still! I’ve been very anxious!

I’m licensed to teach from K-6 but I am such a primary person (K-3) and was hoping for that. Last night I got an email from the principal and he said to go to the primary building so I knew that I would be in a primary grade. It was amazing!

I woke up this morning and was so freaking excited! The guy called during his drive to work and just made me ever more excited! Which I didn’t think was possible but it totally was! Also helped to calm the nerves a little bit.

I went in and met the VP at 12 and she was so welcoming! And I found out that I’m teaching grade two!!!


And I’ll be teaching science, social studies, math and language. I’ll have two sections, they switch at lunch, and I do the same lessons for both.

I’m so happy!! Grade two is the first placement I had in teachers college and it’s a great place to start a teaching career. I got to see my classroom which was in the middle of being renovated but it’s amazing and I love it!!

I was also given a whole armful of books to start to plan. I met a teacher who has been there for five years now and she had grade two a few years ago. She gave me lots of stuff and was so nice!

I couldn’t stay very long since I wanted to grab lunch before I have to go to work but it was still great! The classroom is big and bright and already has lots of resources in it that I can use.

Now I just have to decide what to be called. It’s my choice so it can be Miss first name or Miss last name. I’m not going with Ms at all so at least that is one less choice to make. I kind of like the choice of using my first name. Seems like fun!

Now, if you are a teacher, or were a teacher, or know a teacher, I would LOVE any advice or tips for my first year. The girl I met today gave me some great advice for the year but I will literally take any and all advice I can take.

19 thoughts on “Pieces falling into place

  1. It’s so different to here. Teachers take on a class and teach every subject to the class in primary school (k-6).

    My advice (yup, ex-teacher), is to start hard and then ease off. As in, set strict rules and establish behavioural lines-in-sand from the get-go. It’s easier to relax some once the kids have settled in. Much, much harder to try and bring them in later.

    If you have a class that is behaving *everything* else will be fine.

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    • Oh that’s awesome advice! And what I hear from a lot of people.

      And that’s usually how it goes here too, just not French or music. Those are taught my specialized teachers. But it’s an Armenian school so the students get half the day in Armenian and half in English

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