Nail Art on a Wednesday!

I couldn’t wait until the weekend!

Okies lovelies! I have had plain nails for TWO MONTHS! Which is completely unheard of! I was going to wait until my job ended on Saturday so that the constant dish washing didn’t ruin the polish, but my nails have grown out so much and are soooo long and beautiful I had to polish them up! Since it’s almost Canada Day, I decided to do a cute little design in red and white. It will only be on for about a week or less so it’s regular Essie polish, and the stripping tape isn’t in the middle like I wanted, but they are still cute!

7 thoughts on “Nail Art on a Wednesday!

    • Lol they are nail tape! I have about 10 different colours.

      And they DID look great, the white ones in that picture have already ripped. Like TWO MONTHS of no ripping. I didn’t even file them today just in case I created a little split. Then at work, BAM! Splits!! Gah


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