Day Trip with the Best

This weekend I went on a little adventure with my bestest.

In all truth, R and I hadn’t seen each other in person in almost a year. We both agreed that the last time we were in the same physical space as each other was last July when we went to the zoo (apparently I didn’t share that particular outing with you fine folks – which is shocking because it involved me seeing a hippo in real life for the first time in my memory and there were tears. Like real tears and a whole lot of “omg”‘s). Since it had been so long, we decided to fix that.

Last September she moved to Hamilton which is closer to me than her childhood home but still we never seemed to make a meet up happen. Probably because I work Saturdays and that sucks.

Anyways, Sunday morning I woke up and got on transit to go see her. We have Go Buses which connect cities all over south-western Ontario. It only took an hour to get from union station to Hamilton. Once we met up, we went and had lunch. We both love Swiss Chalet and they were having a 65th anniversary special on Sunday so we decided to go there. We arrived just before the church people (Swiss Chalet is often referred to as Christian Chicken because it’s a popular after church lunch spot) and we indulged ourselves with Shirley Temples. Not the actress, but a drink that kids get to feel all grown up.

I’m not sure what’s in it, but the fruit comes with a plastic sword holding the cherry and orange slice together and if I was 10 and with my brother we’d have been sword fighting at the table until my dad gave us the glare.

From there, we decided to check out some waterfalls. Now, I don’t know much about Canadian tourism but apparently Hamilton has lots of waterfalls. Or so says the guy and my dad. So when I was traveling, I asked R if she had been to any and we found one place, Albion Falls, super close to where she lives (like under 10 minutes driving!)

We found it really easily but neither of us had on great shoes for walking. This is what happens when you don’t plan. And we are both such planners! I had on very flimsy sandals. Not even that great for just regular walking. No support at all. Like walking on a piece of foam with straps basically haha!

main falls

But we got some really pretty views of the main waterfall and then took a walk through the forested area. It took us about 20 minutes to go to the end of the trail where there was another mini-waterfall.

While on the trail there were some mini-tree stumps that were sticking out and I smashed my foot into one of them, cracking my toe nail and scrapping the skin. But no harm done other than that. At least the nail didn’t crack too far down to be bleeding.

Then we went back to her place so I could see it, hung out and chatted a bit more, and she dropped me back off at the bus station. It was a great afternoon spent with her! I can’t wait to go back with proper shoes and check out some more waterfalls!

3 thoughts on “Day Trip with the Best

    • LOL yeah the walk was a little bit painful in a few spots, but overall it was smooth ground and easy to walk 🙂 and it was great getting to see her in person. We talk every day, but there’s just something about being in the same physical space as someone else that makes it all better


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