Saturday Questions #43

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Priorities in life are a funny thing. Because it’s like we all kind of want the same things in general (happiness, love, etc) but it’s what we place value on that makes things our priorities.

I think my priorities are normal ones. First of all, to be happy. This takes many forms in my life: my diet, my relationships, my job. All those things get my focus because they are what make me happy. And my number one priority in life is to be happy.

Secondly, to be balanced. It’s so important for me to be balanced. I can’t let myself get sucked into things or I will literally just fall into this obsessive hole and never come out. I need the social and non-social bits of my life. Sure it means that sometimes I will spend an entire weekend just doing nothing, but if I do that, then I need it. Some weekends I’ll barely have enough time to sit and relax. One area where I know that I need to be more balanced is in romantic relationships. I can, and do, get sucked into them so much. It’s hard for me not to just shift my entire focus and attention onto that person, and then I’m basically all consumed by it. It’s not good.

I honestly think that those are my top two priorities, to be happy and balanced. I think if both of those criteria are met, then life is pretty good.

How about you – what are your priorities in life?

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #43

  1. When I was a senior in high school I bought a senior book which was filled with memorabilia, signatures, well wishes, memories etc. under the “what do you want to be when you grow up “section I remember putting I wanted to be happy. I am still working on that, every day and I will never be finished. I’m not saying that I am not happy, but being happy is something you take care of and you work on every day until you die. I agree with you, gotta be happy!!!

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  2. I need balance. Trouble is, being a Mum means balance isn’t to be mine for a long while yet. I really look forward to the day when I can have a more balanced life. I try all the time but it just never seems to work out.

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  3. Since I have a chronic Illness (MS), my priorities have shifted somewhat from balance due to work and family commitments to balance of my physical and mental health. It’s become my full job to manage and navigate my way through my disease but it’s so worth it!
    This was a great read! Thanks for make by me think about what is important to me!


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