Conversations with Le Brother

It’s about time you got another look into the randomness that my brother and I get up to.

So my brother lives in Ottawa and I live in Toronto, for those of you who don’t know, the two cities are about a 4-5 hour drive apart. Last week, my brother asks if I could pick something up for him that he wanted to buy from kijiji (that’s like Craig’s list). The seller works really close to where I live so I said sure. This conversation happened the day I went to go pick up this thing my brother just couldn’t live without (a fish finder….for his canoe….)

So the pick up went well, after a little confusion on my part because the guy told me to go to the North end exit, when there were only east and west exits. But yeah, so we found each other, I gave him money, he gave me a bag of things that looked like the email my brother had sent me.

Of course, being my brother, he asked if I got the guy’s home number (I was calling his office to set this all up) and I said he wasn’t my type, because my brother knows that a lot of the guys I date at men of colour, and I don’t usually go out with Asians, except this one time I did for a few months. So then he said “well what about Erik?” And of course I had to correct him and say “It’s Eric” and then this conversation happened, and it’s the only time my real name will be on this blog so y’all better pay attention.

Obviously, the gif was much better than the screen shot I was able to get haha! My brother has been really stressed lately at work so he hasn’t been his normal sassy self so I have to inquire about what was going on. Just ignore the line and paper comment, I couldn’t cut it out. Sorries for my lack of editing knowledge.

And then I just proceeded to send about 4-5 massive paragraphs to my brother about nonsense. And he told me to write for a teen soap opera. He’s so supportive haha!

I love how our relationship has transformed into this type of thing. He still is the most annoying and aggravating person I have ever met but I think that’s his job as my brother? I still love him though.

19 thoughts on “Conversations with Le Brother

          • πŸ€”πŸ€” my notification didn’t say you were….or that you made an original comment! I had to go to my actual blog page to find it – WordPress doesn’t appreciate your awesome comments it’s a conspiracy!

            But that is the motto in our house as well! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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              • haha! No I don’t hate you! Although I was trying to reply to this and I clicked the box and it deleted it. Maybe WordPress has an issue with you? Who did you piss off? The FBI is on to you. Delete everything. Pack a bag and move. Assume a new name and identity.

                Your comment WAS good! Cos we were just talking about sibling conversations on your blog the other day. It was a perfect post for you to comment on!

                And I hardly ever leave a comment unattended to. Even the one person who I can’t stand who comments on my blog like once every six months and never actually gets what I’m saying and that I always read as her writing in a know-it-all way, I’ll at least like the comment to show that I read it. I never reply but at least I’ll like it lol. But I can assure you that will never be you πŸ™‚

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                • Well this took a DRASTIC turn. Wow. 2 minutes ago I needed a drink of water, now I need a whole new life!

                  I did figure that WP was up to no good because you’re always so good at replying! I think it happened to me once where someone commented on my blog but I never got the notification for it. Weird stuff.

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