I need to complain!

Okies, so this week has sucked for me. A lot!

Not only has it been a weird stressed out allergy week where I am trying to get an apartment and not chop my hands off from all the dishes I’ve been washing, but also, I had my period.

Yeah. I know. We all hate it. But usually, it’s just a small inconvenience for me. Since we should all know by now that I’m abstinent, I have no fear of being pregnant so my period is literally just an annoyance.

This month, it was late. And for someone who is usually always on time, that really pissed me off. Because I know with a late period comes extra cramps.

See, cramps are the worst part about a period don’t you think so? Like yeah I can deal with the blood for a few days, but it’s the cramps that make it an unpleasant experience.

But this time was so freaking different.

I was supposed to start my period on Thursday which meant it would have been over by Saturday (please don’t hate on my short periods. It’s the by product of not having children and not have sex apparently. Children = longer and more painful ones. Or so says my mom. Reason #45336 not to have children!)

This would have been perfect because it was hot last weekend and I wanted to wear a dress to church with a white bottom covered in lemons. But there is NO WAY I’m wearing that during my period. The universe wouldn’t allow it.

Any whoo….. so Thursday comes and goes and no period. Frig. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. NO FREAKING PERIOD!

Monday comes around and guess who decides to show up?! YEAH! I KNOW RIGHT!? So I’m understandably annoyed. I didn’t get to wear my dress to church and look adorable, and now I have horrible cramps.

I take a pain killer and go to get breakfast ready and guess what, I’m in so much pain that I was light headed and dizzy and almost threw up. And the pain killer wasn’t doing ANYTHING about it!

I’m the type of person who broke her toe at a car wash and literally just kept having a grand old time for another few hours until my dad picked us up and noticed my toe was black already. I didn’t even care. I get cavities filled without freezing. Yet my stupid baby box was taking me down!!

I doubled up on the pain killers and went back to bed for like twoish hours. I couldn’t even go to work! I was in so much freaking pain. I didn’t eat almost all day on Monday. All I could do was just sit and be in pain, and then sleep and be in pain.

Thankfully the torture is over now. And I can vent about it without the fear of my body going “ooo you think that was bad?! Have a few extra days”

But sweet baby Jesus I have never experienced anything like that before.

What do you do when your baby box viciously attacks you in such a way?! I honestly was considering a back alley hysterectomy. Not even joking.

20 thoughts on “Ladies!

  1. Poor thing. It was probably the stress of your moving, changing jobs, etc. that made it late. Stress will make your hormones crazy. I was fortunate to have regular periods and no cramps either before or after the kids (to dispel your mom’s theory). Did you try a heating pad on your stomach? I am past the age of periods now and thankfully had no trouble with that either. Once I turned 50 they just stopped. If it is any consolation, I did get extremely bad migraines after the kids were born. Luckily I don’t have those much anymore either, but stress would bring them on and they would be worse if I was on my period. Hopefully you feel better now.

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    • Yes it most likely is the stress that made it late. That happens to me. But the pain. I usually can just take an extra strength ibuprofen and it’s all good. But I took the max dosage and it was just enough to take the edge off so I wasn’t on the verge of throwing up.

      I don’t have a heating pad, maybe I should get one lol. I do feel much better now! But Monday was horrific.

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  2. When the pain is that bad, take more of the pain pills. I know, you probably shouldn’t, but better than being in pain.

    As for short periods, I had them too. Then my mid-40s hit… No kids. No sex. Bad floods.

    Glad you’re better. Being female sucks sometimes (but it’s better than the alternative 😉

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  3. Bless you… Periods suck. I’m having mine this week and instead of cramps, I’m stuck with an horrible migraine. And the stupidly weak UK painkillers are useless! So yes, you have all my sympathy! I’m glad you feel better now. Like someone else said in the comments, the stress is probably not helping… I hope you find a new flat soon! x

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  4. Heavy periods and cramps were the norm for me before my hysterectomy. I had never heard the myth having babies causes longer, painful periods. Anywho, if this isn’t normal for you then I’d watch to make sure it doesn’t happen again because if it isn’t whacked out hormones due to stress then it might be something more serious. I had a really bad time with cramps when ovarian cysts got out of hand. Hey, it’s okay to complain. Have a good weekend!

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  5. Hands down, cramps are THE WORST part about having a period. I totally agree! I always think, ‘Why am I being punished for not being pregnant?’ Baby or not you STILL get a contracting uterus. How is that fair?! And don’t even get me started on the emotionally rollercoaster accompanied with it. I’m either in an angry rage or a crying mess. #ilovebeingagirl 🙃

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  6. This may be too much info but my fifth gynae surgery was to have everything removed. I had vicious, leave me doubled up in bed in agony periods from my very first one. My whole life was lived around them (and unlike you they were never on time, ever, anyone’s guess as to when they’d come). Three years without them now and I am so eternally grateful.

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