Toronto Botanical Gardens

Or the day I spent trying to take a picture of a groundhog.

With my current job, I have Fridays off. Which is lovely! I mean, I really hate that I don’t have a weekend but at least I have a full day where I can book appointments and do things without taking away from the little time I do have off during the weekend.

Last week, I had my regular bi-weekly spa appointment to have the hair violently ripped from my face, and then I had nothing left to do. A friend of mine suggested that I check out the Toronto Botanical Gardens. Because even though I have lived here for almost three years, I didn’t even know that there was such a place so close to where I live!!

I went to Edward Gardens which is at the corner of Lawrence and Leslie. And the spa that I go to is at the corner of York Mills and Leslie, so I just went right after my appointment! Which was a horrible idea because my skin is super sun sensitive anyways and having been freshly waxed meant that I had to be even more careful with my sun exposure.

But I went before lunch and stayed in the shade as much as possible, which was kind of easy because of all the big trees.

It was easy to find and lovely to visit! It’s free to just go and wander the grounds, and I was hoping to get a tour but there were none running that day. I’m kind of thankful there weren’t because of my non-protected skin.

The grounds were BEAUTIFUL! The flowers were amazing. And there was this cute little groundhog that was scurrying about around the bushes trying to escape all the people who decided to show up and disturb him haha. I chased him around for a little bit trying to get a picture but then decided I looked a little bit silly and moved on from my quest.

Here are some of my photos from my phone that I took there. I also brought my regular camera and had a great time getting some nature shots to edit at a later time.

Like I said, I only stayed about 30-45 minutes at the garden, but I didn’t really need much more time. There were a few groups on the grounds taking pictures and stuff so I could possibly have stayed another 10ish minutes if I wanted to get pictures of those areas, but I also didn’t want to interrupt the photoshoots happening there. My friend told me later that there is a waterfall somewhere that I didn’t get to see. I said next time he’d have to come along to show me. Apparently, he’s been there a few times and knows all the hidden gems.

I would highly recommend going if you are in the area or have time. It was such a great little outing for my day off! I’m glad I was made aware of its presence before I move to a different area!

8 thoughts on “Toronto Botanical Gardens

  1. This looks like such a gorgeous place to relax! I bet this time of year is the prettiest time to see it too! 😀

    It’s just a shame you could stay for longer to chill in the middle of that prettiness.

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    • Oh yes there are tables and benches and a little cafe there! Water fountains for drinking and for decoration, a little bridge, apparently a waterfall, it’s sooo beautiful! Next time I can go with my iPad and sunscreen and get some solid writing done while relaxing in the grass

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  2. The garden is beautiful but ouch to the face waxing!! I’ve tried those do-it-yourself kits. First, they don’t work well. I can’t get the hair pulled out properly, some always stay behind. Second, it leaves sticky stuff on my face that’s hard to get off which I absolutely hate. This leaves me with plucking out the unwanted hair which I have a hard time seeing. Aging isn’t for wimps with poor vision and wired, stray hair popping up in places you don’t want. UGH!

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    • Haha! Oh dangs! I shouldn’t laugh I know the pain so well. When I was younger, a friend made a comment that I had hair on my face and my mom always shaved her chin so I freaked out at the age of 19 over when probably was only a little bit of peach fuzz and started to shave my face. And since we all know once you start shaving you have to KEEP shaving, it soon became an every day thing. I hated it!! So about a year and a half ago I decided to try threading (there’s a post on my blog) and that was so painful so the lady switched to waxing first then threading the left over hairs. It’s better that way haha


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