Saturday Questions #41

easy a singing GIF

I may not belt it out in the shower like Emma Stone in Easy A, but I definitely don’t shy away from singing in random situations.

zooey deschanel singing GIF

Sometimes my kidlets call me out on it because I’ll just randomly sing a word when/if I get excited. Fun little fact, I was on the phone the other night super late, half asleep, and the person I was talking to did the EXACT same thing and I think I just might be in love now lol No one else ever does that!

The only problem is that I don’t have a “go to” song. Like I’ve never been to karaoke before. That would TERRIFY me! MY first time in Korea, I had this mysterious illness that haunted me from February to November when I went home. And my last weekend there, my boss took everyone out for dinner and then karaoke but I wasn’t feeling very well, the stress of leaving was making the illness act up again, so after dinner I went home. And they were all like “why are you going home? This is your party!” And I was like “I don’t feel well, I’m sorry.” So they all went and I went home. Fun times.

But I also don’t think that I have a great singing voice. Or so I’ve been told by my mom. My mom grew up singing in her church. Her sister and her sister’s husband were two singers in a Christian singing group from the late 90’s that was actually pretty popular! So singing is in my mom’s family. But whenever I go to sing, I get told I’m off key. So now I do it on purpose. I throw my voice just to make her cringe. HAHA!

titus andromedon singing GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When I’m driving in the winter and the road/weather conditions are getting too stressful for me to handle and I have flashbacks to murdering a mailbox, I sing a song from church. It’s just a tiny little chorus but it calms my nerves. If I’m alone I sing it out loud, but if I’m driving with people (especially my kidlets) I sing it in my head. Oooo I do sing when I’m driving. Mostly when I’m driving by myself haha.

So bottom line: I love to sing! But I hardly ever do it outside of my head.

What is a song you love to sing?

9 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #41

  1. I love to sing. I’m completely flat and that used to stop me but with age comes carelessness, as in I don’t care. I sing all the time much to my Barbarian’s horror *grin*.

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