Questions, Questions

I have been asked some questions by a few people and thought it best to just answer them all together in one post.

Over the last two days, I have been tagged in two different posts with questions to answer. First was from Suzi at My Colourful Life UK and the other was from Becky at Strikeouts + Sprinkles. We all know I usually don’t follow the rules for tags so here we go just answering the questions! I’ll never not answer one of your questions!

From Suzi’s post, she didn’t create any new questions so I’m just going to answer the “this or that” questions that were posed to her:

  • Beach or mountains: mountains
  • Ice cream or milkshakes: milkshakes
  • New York or Paris: Paris
  • Ugly genius or Good looking stupid: Ugly genius
  • Pizza or Burger: burger
  • Summer or Winter: winter
  • City or Village: city
  • Spring or Autumn: autumn
  • Mathematics or Science: does social science count?
  • Train or Aeroplane: train

Becky’s questions:

  1. Who is the person you text with the most? either my brother or my best friend. Or if I have a guy I’m talking to and he’s as attached to his phone as much as I am, they could take first place as well
  2. What’s the best meal/food you can make? I actually cook a lot of things well! I did just do half the dinner for my small group bible study and brought dessert as part of my half and everyone asked for the recipe. I call it fluff, and it’s this yummy light summery dessert.
  3. (weird question) What’s one superpower you would NOT want? I have no idea…I need a list of superpowers to decide which one I don’t want lol
  4. What can you talk about for hours? Nail polish designs or my kidlets haha but also, literally anything. Just get me slightly nervous and I’ll never shut up.
  5. If you could have a song play every time you enter a room, what would it be? Oooo Faith Evans “Love like this” featuring Fat Man Scoop. The first few beats are AMAZING

Okies so now I have a few questions of my own:

  1. how do I change the colour of the text in this new editor without being in classic mode or without changing all the words in one block? How is this a good system? I’m angered.
  2. Do you ever get fillings at the dentist without freezing? I just had a chipped filling fixed so I’m wondering how many other people refuse the freezing.
  3. If you follow my Twitter you probably already know this, but on the site where I have my “I met him on the internet” series, I have a new series accepted and now I’m in the planning phases. It’s more of a column type thing about being a nanny. If you have any topics you think I should cover in it, or any nanny life questions, feel free to ask them and I’ll try my very best to incorporate them into the column.

10 thoughts on “Questions, Questions

  1. Oooh I love these. It’s always fun to learn more about lovely blogging friends!

    I can think of a superpower I wouldn’t want – I would hate to be able to read people’s thoughts. I just don’t want to know if they are thinking something mean.

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    • Haha! Not resisting anymore! I found out that I could do a “classic block” which keeps all the things I loved about the classic block! And I figured out other things too. But as far as I can tell, I can only use the classic block to change the colour of a few words. The other paragraph block changes the text font of the whole block.

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