Avengers: Endgame

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Okies, so yesterday, I finally saw Avenger’s Endgame. So, like basically every other blogger on the planet, I have decided to share my thoughts with you.

Over all, I really enjoyed it! I didn’t enjoy that it was 3 hours long, but the content was good! I had heard that it didn’t feel like 3 hours, but I’m sorry, it really did for me.

I really liked that it was mostly the main characters that I had come to love over the first half of the Avenger’s movie series. I don’t know anything about the characters outside of the movies. I have never read a comic book or looked into it at all. And my own personal opinion is that anyone after Sam and Bucky, maybe Wanda, are not needed. Ant Man? No thanks. Black Panther? Nice separate movie but meh. Guardians of the Galaxy? Samesies with Black Panther.

I know these are radical opinions, but they are mine so please don’t yell at me lol. Like I said, I have no background at all outside of the movies. I honestly haven’t even seen Ant Man and the Wasp or Captain Marvel and I probably wont.

I know it’s been out for like 6 weeks already so I’m sure anyone who has wanted to see it with no spoilers has already done so but I still don’t want to talk too much about the plot. But I can say, as a final installment, I enjoyed it. And I liked how it ended. Sure, I was in tears, but that was bound to happen after all these years and emotional investment into the characters.

The only thing I will say, and this might be considered a spoiler, is that I don’t like how they had Cap swear. Like sure it was just once and he has gone through some major stuff since he first was unfrozen so I understand how his character is now jaded and cynical and getting used to the language of the day, but I still feel he could have done without.

So yes, those are my opinions! Good movie! Too long. Too many characters HAHA!!

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts? Feel free to give specific details in your comments. Spoilers don’t count in the comments. If you are avoiding spoilers still, maybe don’t read the comments haha

12 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame

  1. You know what, I didn’t even notice when Captain America swore. But I kind of liked the whole goody-two-shoes thing with him. I get that characters change, but it would’ve been nice if that had stayed the same.

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    • I was going to wait as well but I was in a mood to have a switch up in my day yesterday so it happened lol and yeah it kind of did have a lot going on but also not so much at the same time? It’s hard to explain

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  2. La la la la la la la
    Okay, was actually fingers over eyes as I scrolled straight to here. Haven’t seen it yet – This year has been really chaotic and stressful (as you will gather from my backlog of blog reading). I so wanted to see it in the cinema but couldn’t make it (the rest of the fam did but they are sworn to silence until I have). Waiting for the DVD…

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