Almost There

The wait is almost over! I promise!

So a little while ago, I said that I was starting to write a series for the website Channillo. I don’t want to have that completely take over this blog, but I do want to tell all you lovely people that it’s almost ready for you to read!

Just a quick run down of what the story is: it follows Georgia, a self-proclaimed compulsive liar, as she regales the audience with her love life. She promises that the first line for every chapter is true to the man she is talking about but everything else after that she doesn’t make any promises.

Georgia is, essentially, me. I’ve used the men in my own life to create the lovers in hers. So not only is the first sentence true for her own personal story, but it’s true from my life as well. But the rest of the chapters are a mix of truth and fiction. I’m sure some of you will recognize some details from the later chapters as I’ve written about some of the guys here during my online dating saga.

So, how Channillo works is that the first installment is free. I’ve combined the short little prologue with the first chapter for that. After that, you do have to create an account and subscribe to the series to keep reading. This is the first time I’ve ever tried anything like this and I hope it goes over well.

I am writing under a pen-name, but if you wanted to check out the info page on it, you can click this link and I hope that it works for you because I haven’t tried it.

The story begins on June 1st, and a new installment will be released every Saturday until I run out of ideas. So far, seven weeks have been scheduled! I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

6 thoughts on “Almost There

    • Awesome!! The first two chapters have been released now, the 3rd will be released tomorrow. Every Saturday there will be a new one. The only thing is that after the first chapter you have to pay to continue reading. But a subscription is only $4.99 per month and you get to read as many series as you want during that month! It’s pretty great!! Or if you just wanted to read mine, you could wait until the last month and then only subscribe for one month and read the whole thing at once hehe. But my series will be about 4-5 months long. WOW that’s a lot….I have 20 installments so far.


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