Doors Open Toronto

It’s that time of year again to get out and explore the city!

It’s the weekend of Doors Open Toronto and you should totally get out and try to participate if you live in or near the city.

Doors Open Toronto is something that I had no idea existed until I moved here almost three years ago. It’s a Saturday/Sunday event and places in Toronto will open their doors for reduced rates or for free in order to let people experience them. I was talking to someone on one of the many dating sites that I’ve been on over the years and he mentioned that he was going to one of the events that weekend. I found out about this on the Saturday evening of the weekend so I had to act fast to take part!

Since I was new to the city, well relatively new, I’d only been here for about six months at that point, I wanted something close to where I was. The transit system still intimidated me and I had yet to try the subway.

I chose the Aga Khan Museum, which was really cool! They were offering free architectural tours for both days and then admission to the museum was 50% off. I made a post, but the pictures are all broken. There was a hoop dance which is on my youtube channel and thankfully still works!

Last year, I went in search of the schedule the weekend after it had ended so obviously I didn’t get to enjoy anything.

This year, I remembered well in advance thanks to some bus shelter ads. It was amazing. I was able to book two tickets for a free tour of the Islington Mural trolley tour Sunday afternoon. I am very excited about it!

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, check out the link that I posted at the top of the page. There is literally something for everyone!

Is there a Doors Open event where you live? Have you ever gone to something like this?

6 thoughts on “Doors Open Toronto

  1. I don’t live anywhere as large as Toronto. But the closest thing I can think of that Blacksburg does is a Restaurant Week, where all the restaurants downtown offer specials throughout the week. And the town gets in on it, enticing people to come downtown by turning off the parking meters all week. I’m pretty sure it’s an event because, during the summer, all those downtown businesses lose a lot of customers since all the students are away for three months.

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  2. I saw photos on Insta and it looks like you had fun. We haven’t got anything like that. We did have Windows to the World which was awesome – they opened the doors of a lot of embassies and we got to tour them, but that isn’t a regular thing.

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    • I did have fun! 😊 And that sounds like a great idea! I wish they would do that here! I’d love to see inside the embassies. I’ve never been in one!

      Ps: thanks for all the love this morning! 😘 it’s been “breakfast with AJ” today hehe


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