Innocent Words

Okies, so I’m really going to try to keep this post as PG as possible, but we need to talk about the use of one specific innocent word that I can’t even say anymore outside of work.


season 3 netflix GIF by Queer Eye

JVN is basically the only adult I can stand saying the word “Daddy” when he’s not talking about his actual father.

Am I the only person who, upon hearing the word Daddy, instantly thinks of very inappropriate things?

netflix yes daddy GIF by Queer Eye

I use it a lot at work because I am refering to the kidlets’ dad. Like “Hurry up, Daddy is waiting.” or “Daddy said you have to do this before bed so let’s get that done.”

That’s ok. Because I’m refering to an actual dad. In the same way that his children refer to him.

BUT and I can’t stress this enough:

If you’re using the word outside of that relationship, I find it so weird.

ESPECIALLY if I’m in church. I really seriously super majorly over the top HATE it when preachers refer to God as “daddy”. PLEASE STOP! It’s creepy.

You can definitely refer to him as our father, or our heavenly father, but STOP using the word Daddy to refer to him.

So basically, what I’m saying is that the only appropriate time to refer to someone as “daddy” is if they are your actual father, you’re talking to children about their father, OR if it’s followed by this vibe:

Spank Me Phoebe Buffay GIF

sexy x-mas GIF by ROMEO

parks and recreation daddy GIF

Thank you for listening to my PSA.

10 thoughts on “Innocent Words

  1. I’ve never heard the priest in my church refer to Jesus or God as daddy! I totally get what you mean when hearing the word ‘daddy’, and it’s definitely NOT related to church. 😀

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    • The church I go to, both the pastor and the associate pastor use it and every time I hear it I cringe! And then spend the rest of the service thinking about that one person who has previously asked me to call him daddy and that’s not where a girl’s mind needs to be during church lol

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    • I’m glad you haven’t. It’s so weird!!

      And yeah grown women referring to their dads as daddy is weird for me too. Like sometimes I’ll still call my own dad “Daddy” but that’s so weird for me now. It’s just dad now. I think 25 is when it started to get super uncomfortable for me to say it.

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