The battle of the gifts

Do you ever find that some events/people are easier to buy for than others?

We have just passed Mother’s Day here in Canada, which is closely followed by my own mother’s birthday. It’s actually today. And I find that I usually don’t have a problem shopping for her. I do kind of wimp out and combine her Mother’s Day gift and birthday gift into one because they are always one week apart so like what’s the point of two gifts?!

But if I’m buying for my dad or brother, I’m usually at a loss. Heaven forbid I ever have to buy something for a boyfriend! Stress levels to the max!

As a nanny, I always make sure that my kids are on top of things for their parents. Cards for birthdays, and then a gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is the third cycle of those celebrations that I’m being involved with this year and I’m also kind of glad it’s my last because I can’t think of any more ideas!! Says the woman who is going to be a teacher and will have to come up with crafts for the rest of her life!

Mother’s Day is always easy for me. The first year, I took pictures of all the kids and made a collage and then printed it out. The dad bought a wooden frame which the children decorated and the mom loved it! Last year, I was in Michael’s (a very dangerous craft store) and saw a plate decorating kit so I bought it. The kids each got 1/4 of the plate and got to paint on it and then I baked it and voila! It was adorable. This year, I decided to include the students as well and we made a comic book for the mom, she was the super hero main character and each person wrote an independent chapter and I had it bound for her. Mother’s Day is easy for me. I have no shortage of cute things for Mother’s Day.

But Father’s Day. Oh goodness that’s a struggle. Even with my own father! I had a conversation with a friend who has a son and he kind of said the same thing, that out of his son’s almost 13 years on the planet, he has only really gotten one thing from a school activity that he’s kept. And I think that’s a problem.

I try really hard to do something with equal sentimental value for the dad as I do with the mom, but it’s also a relationship thing. I have a much closer relationship with the mom that I work with than the dad. I know so much more about what she would appreciate than what he would. And this year, 2nd kind of called me out on it. While making the comic book, she asked why we never do anything like that for her dad. And I think we have, but I also tell her because I didn’t know that her dad would like something like what we’ve done for their mom. She says he would. So this year, I’ve got to get some ideas flowing!

In the past we have done two things for their dad. The first year, it was similar to the comic book idea. I had the mom print out these Father’s day packages, it was just a few pages, and the children and the students filled them out for the dad. So that’s almost the same as our comic book. The dad has gotten into gardening lately, so last year, I had the children decorate some gardening gloves for him. It took me SO LONG to find just a regular pair of plain boring gloves for a man. And then they took paint and each child got to decorate one glove in their own style. So he has two pairs.

This year, I’m kind of torn. It will be my last year with them so I do kind of want it to be special for the dad. I’ve noticed that in his office the pictures he has of his kids are at least 4 years old. They have changed so much in that time! So I was thinking we could do a photo for him. Or, there was this thumb print key chain thingy we could do with homemade baked clay. That would be cool too since his key chain is literally a door stopper.

Legit, that’s it. On a key ring, with his car keys. So maybe having hearts of his children’s thumb prints would be better? HAHA

Do you see this problem too? Where Mother’s Day is favoured over Father’s Day? Do you find certain holidays or celebrations easier to plan for than others?

8 thoughts on “The battle of the gifts

  1. My husband really likes hand print crafts. Each year I do a different variation, but I’m not sure this year. Last year I helped my older daughter paint a mountain scene. We wrote “we love you dad” with the v in love and a in dad in foot prints (it was written in all caps). I personally always struggle with gifts for hubby’s dad. I just don’t know what he would like.

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    • Aw hand print crafts are cute!! It shows how much the child has grown I think! I also struggle because of the ages of the kids. They are 9-14 and one of them is a boy so I have to find something that all four would enjoy doing lol that’s a solid struggle!


  2. Yes, the older kids make it harder. The cutsie stuff doesn’t always work. Right now the age gap is convenient for me. The older one (7) does most of the work with the younger one(1) adding touches. And there’s only two of them. When they get older it will get harder for them to do projects together. They’ll have to have individual contributions, but come together coheisively. Maybe you can help them brainstorm small gifts they can each make instead of having to come up with one big thing they each work on equally. 😆 Teach them to do it for themselves since it will be your last year with them? I really don’t know, just offering some suggestions. ☺ I struggle more with the guys too.

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    • Lol I wish individual activities would work but I know it would fail miserably. I’m hoping for something we can do in one afternoon because I know that I won’t have a lot of time with them to do anything too involved. Even just getting them to sit on the stairs to get a picture of them all together might be almost impossible lol

      And I appreciate all the suggestions I can get!


  3. When you’re teaching, you’ll get to recycle the same crafts year after year (as you’ll presumably have different kids each year). I find Father’s Day to be easier as my father is easier to buy for. (But he has some specific likes that make it easy.)

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