Well Laid Plans

Do you ever think that you have some great plans all lined up and that it’s going to be super fantastic and then it just all goes to poop?

Well that was basically my weekend.

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada. We have a holiday today for Victoria Day. It was also Armed Forces Day for the USA so happy that to anyone who has served.

My weekend was spent looking for a new place to live. Now that it’s getting closer to the end of the school year, I really need to find a place. I’m able to stay here until the end of July so I do still have some time but I’d like to have the security in knowing that I have a place to live once I have to leave where I currently am.

I’ve gone to see a few places so far, two just this weekend. I have decided that for the most perfect place, I can commit to July’s rent as well. It’s an added expense, that’s for sure, since I’ll have to do first and last, plus August and September rent, before I will be paid from my new job in September. But I can do it. I have some savings set aside and it’s enough to cover that, plus I’ll be working all summer too so that’s good.

But neither of the places I went to see this weekend really fit. They were both in good locations, both basement rooms that I’d be sharing a “basement apartment” with someone else.

The first one was bright and spacious even for a basement, but the bedroom was really small, and I’d be sharing with a man. I don’t really mind that, but I didn’t get to meet him and I didn’t get a good vibe. So I passed.

The one from today was a larger room and it had two other girls, but the basement was really dark. I don’t want to be living in a really dark basement. I need sunlight!!

So the search continues.

What also continues is my writing for Channillo! I have my prologue and my first chapter all set up to be released on June 1st. I’ll have new chapters set to release every Saturday until I run out of stories to tell. I’m hoping to get a few lined up early and then work from there and have a few weeks done in advance so when I have some busy weeks I won’t have to stress about it. I will make sure to link the chapters here. If I remember correctly, the first installment is free and then you have to subscribe to continue reading. Which is why I made a prologue. It seemed like a good way to start it off.

How was your weekend? If you’re in Canada and had the long weekend, what did you get up to? I have to stay up until 11 even though I am already falling asleep over here (it’s almost 8:30). I have a skype tutoring session at 10:30 that I need to be awake for haha.

4 thoughts on “Well Laid Plans

    • Yes I agree with both things! I’ve lived in basement spaces before but they had lots of natural light and seemed very bright. And I will definitely trust my instincts on this. Thankfully I have a little more time to find a place so I won’t be stressing too much just yet haha

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    • Right? It’s so important! I’m still on the hunt! I’ve got a few potential places lined up this weekend. I thought I had found the place LAST weekend, only 2/3rds of my housing budget, great location, decent space. But the lady hasn’t contacted me ALL WEEK and I reached out to her. So I’m moving on.


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