What do you think?

Okies, so I have been kind of busy this week dealing with life but I also feel like I’ve been avoiding my blog a little bit in that process. So below are some images and links that have come to me and I’d love to hear your opinions on them. Pick one, or more, whatever. Comment below any thoughts or feelings!

First up, this article on the Amber Alert System in Canada, provided via cbc.ca, I had my phone set to silent when the alert when off at 5am this past week and it still woke me up, but at least it was just a vibration and not the actual alarm. I now sleep with my ringer turned off, not just on “do no disturb” because that still allows the alert noise which is terrifying. Here is the opening:

It takes a unique combination of dumb and evil to call 911 because an alert about a missing child roused you from your sleep. I don’t know who these people are, or why they seem to be confused about the nature of emergency services, but I hope no trauma should befall them before the next time they call 911: when the drive-thru forgets the extra Big Mac sauce.

Secondly, this picture from Pinterest. It’s long, I apologize, but I think it’s worth the read.

This quiz from Buzzfeed that tells you if you can get Mr. Darcy to propose to you. Heads up, I totally was proposed to.

Or this quiz that tells you how dateable you are. I’m 96% dateable. Awesome!

And lastly, I heard this discussion on the radio yesterday about what people wash while they are in the shower. It all started from this conversation between Ellen and Taylor Swift (taken once more from Buzzfeed). Apparently, an expert that the radio people contacted said you don’t need to wash your legs in the shower unless they are visibly dirty. The soap/water run off from the rest of your washing is enough to take care of them. Personally, I wash my legs. I have a puff and it takes half a second to go over each leg, what’s the big deal?

13 thoughts on “What do you think?

    • HAHA I know! Apparently people don’t wash their whole body! One radio host said he washes the important parts that get like smelly. But it takes like 30 seconds to wash my whole body using my shower puff. I’m not sure what they are called but that’s what I’m calling it! Haha


  1. Wait if these people aren’t washing their legs then what are they doing in there? Upper body and hair? You can do that in the kitchen sink.

    Also, people complaining about the Amber Alert on Twitter/calling 911 is the worst. Yeah, we all know the sound is startling but what’s more startling is that a kid is missing. People are just nuts these days.

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    • Right?! What’s the point of actually having a shower unless you are washing everything? Lol

      And omg Paul I know!!! CBC has a clip of a man in Sudbury calling and complaining about it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I have a panic attack when I can’t find one of my kidlets while we play hide and seek. Can you imagine if it was my real child and they were actually missing? I’d be flipping out

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      • So ridiculous. I’m with you, at times I would “lose” kids at camp and they’d be off running through the forest and I’d be having a heart attack. They should fine people $1000 for calling 911 for that. They occupy an operator who could be otherwise dealing with a real emergency.

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        • Oooo I love that idea! Fine them! Apparently you can shut off the alerts. And I get that for people who have PTSD or something that the sound is very jarring. But it’s a simple turning your phone’s ringer off. It’s not rocket science lol

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